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Zeus and Chronos

Cronos was the king of all the gods of for sometime. But how Cronos became king was weird. First he stabbed Uranos and his blood fell to the earth and became the Furies. Cronos became king but Uranos told him that his child will also overthrow you. Cronos became very worried. Cronos had a wife named Rhea. Each time Rhea had a child Cronos just ate is whole. He didn't know which child would overthrow him so he ate all his children until the fifth one. Rhea took the sixth child, which she named Zeus, to the distant island of Crete. She told the nymphs to take care of him. Hurriedly, Rhea took a stone and wrapped it in white cloth and gave it to Cronos. Without even looking he swallowed the stone thinking it was his child. Back in Crete, Zeus was being fed goat's milk and whenever he cried, the guards clanged their swords and shields so Cronos could not here the baby's cry. Zeus grew up to be a strong child. Then Rhea came back to Crete and took Zeus back to Mount Olympus. Zeus became a glass carrier to Cronos. Then secretly, Rhea poured some powder that would make the other children that were swallowed to come out. Zeus gave it to Cronos and the five other children and the stone came flying out. Cronos got scared and declared war against Zeus. Cronos was now sure that Zeus was the child that was going to overthrow him. The war lasted for 10 years. Zeus got the help of the Cyclops who gave him thunderbolts. The two reasons why Zeus won were because he had Prometheus on his side and he had the help of the Cyclops. For the Cyclops help, Zeus put the Cyclops on a distant island where later Odysseus bumps into.