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Super Monkees Lyrics Quiz

So, you think you know your Monkees music, huh? Huh? Well, do ya? Huh?

(Okay, enough of that!)

Anyway, my friend Andrea found an 80's music lyric quiz on the internet awhile back that we would try and do in our spare time and see if we can get all the songs. It was really difficult. So, I decided to try my hand at it.
Have fun!

1.)“You can be here by four-thirty ‘cause I’ve made your reservation. Don’t be slow. Oh, no, no, no!”

2.)“Sunshine, ragtime, blowing in the breeze. Midnight looks right, standing more at ease. Silhouettes and figures stay close to what he had to say and one more time a faded dream is saddened by the news. It cannot be a part of me, for now it’s part of you.”

3.)“But my interests collided, besides I was misguided and who can you confide in when you trip on a dream?”

4.)“It’s been gone for such a long, long time. I feel like I’m just acting like a fool, talking to my pillow. Once a happy fellow was I. I know that I’ll get over you if I have to, but do I have to?”

5.)“The children left King Midas there, as they found him, in his counting house where nothing counts but more.”

6.)“If you think my goals would be so trivial and small, then _____.”

7.)“You can’t judge one end by lookin’ out the other. _________. Can’t you see, you misjudged me, baby. I look like a farmer, but I’m a lover.”

8.)“And about that yellow water, have you noticed the color of the sun? You have a way of making everything you say seem unreal. Are you aware that the people who care are mostly stainless steel?”

9.)“Come with me I’ll take you where the taste of life is green and everyday holds wonders to be seen. Come with me, leave yesterday behind.”

10.)“If you’re the chick I saw in the tall grass, looking at summer though tinted blue glass.”

11.)“Times have made me shy of all the things you’re saying.”

12.)“Once upon a once in awhile, it’s hard to remember to smile.”

13.)“She could teach you a thing or two (thing or two).”

14.)“Don’t try to understand it. Oh, _____. It never goes the way you planned it.”

15.)“But I guess your chances come but once and boy I sure missed mine.”

16.)“It’s a very extraordinary scene to those who don’t understand. But what you have seen, you must believe, if you can. If you can.”

17.)“How can I love her, when I just don’t respect her.”

18.)“I walked into a drive in, hadn’t felt so starved in years. A rabbit waiter took my order, then quickly disappeared. He said the party’s over please come back in a thousand years.”

19.)“I wanna build a heaven on the world someday. And the Lord sends Gabriel to take me away. I wanna fine young soul to take my place. I’ll leave my son in my heaven on earth where the good Lord’s graced.”

20.)“I walk alone most every night beneath the stars that shine so bright, bright as the eyes____. And when the sky comes falling down and there is darkness all around, all around I’ll be looking for you. Lonely I look at the green, flowing meadows, wondering what I am to do. Sun going down and the trees cast their shadow…and when the skies are once more blue, I get that old longing to, to be held in the arms of you.”

21.)“You’ll just reach out and she will be there, close as the summer air.”

22.)“Aren’t you glad that you’re sitting in the back? For the game is deadly heavy for the players. Aren’t you glad it’s a spectator’s sport?”

23.)“I thought love was more or less a giving thing. Seemed the more I gave the less I got. What’s the use in tryin’? All you get is pain. When I needed sunshine I got rain.”

24.)“When I fly too high, something’s bound to burst my bubble.”

25.)“She can live without you, she’s gonna find a man with money instead.”

26.)“You’ve been awful careful ‘bout the friends you choose, but you won’t find my name in your book of who’s who’s.”

27.)“Phantasmagoric splendor…Second hands and minds of slow are moving even faster. Taught bringing down someone who’s found the questions, but no answers!”

28.)“I need you no more. Not now or any other day.”

29.)“She’s the same little girl who used to hang around my door, but she sure looks different than the way she looked before.”

30.)“And when you feel rejected, ‘cause life is not what you expected ______.”

31.)“I don’t wanna fight. I’m a little bit wrong. You’re a little bit right.”

32.)“I feel the moments hurry on. It was today, it’s died away, and now it is forever gone. And I will drink my coffee slow, and I will watch my shadow grow, and disappear in firelight.”

33.)“In this generation. In this lovin’ time. In this generation, we will make the world a-shine. We were born to love one another. This is something we all need. We were born to love one another. We must be what we’re going to be. And what we have to be is free.”

34.)“She walks around on brass rings that never touch her feet. She speaks in conversations that never are complete…Part of it is loneliness and knowing how to steal, but most of it is weariness from standing up, trying not to kneel…Sometimes she must raise her hand to tell you what she said.”

35.)“I’ve had all the time I need to rearrange my mind and lead the life I thought I wanted yesterday. I played a game that wouldn’t last and now some memories from the past have turned my thoughts around a different way.”

36.)“It’s not so hard to see exactly what I’m after. Sometimes a tear should fall, but I require giggles and chuckles…___ at the things that are wrong. If you think it’s this song then ____.”

37.)“So goodbye dear I just can’t take this chance again. My fingers are still burning from the last time. And if your love was not a game, I only have myself to blame.”

38.)“We’ve been dancing nearly all night long. Let’s keep it up baby, ‘cause the music’s still strong.”

39.)“I see all kinds of sorrow, wish I only loved one.”

40.)“If your love has to tie me, don’t try me, say goodbye.”

41.)“She said I cannot cry and I cannot give or feel or even try.”

42.)“When you find the one your dreaming of, who thinks to ask how old is love?”

43.)“Walking under a sky that’s so blue, after rain has fallen.”

44.)“The four kings of E.M.I. are sitting stately on the floor…I’ve been waiting for an hour, I can’t find a place to hide. The being known as Wondergirl is speaking, I believe.”

45.)“What happened to the Indians? How come there all living in places with too much snow and too much sun…Am I too young to know, to see, to feel or hear. My questions need an answer or a vacuum will appear. Don’t be surprised if they turn and walk away.”

46.)“Your old chair in the corner’s just a-sitting there waiting. It’s been a long time, anticipating…so I dusted off your house coat and I polished up your shoes.”

47.)“Thoughts all seem to stray to places far away. I need a change of scenery.”

48.)“Maybe I will be a star or maybe just a clown. Girl, I’ll never know until I try.”

49.)“You had to get your kicks out of trying to steal it.”

50.)“I keep moving down the road, taking notes in a trembling hand…Up to the sunlit mountain, down by the silver sea. Well the tale is told from memories, of a finely woven symphony. Forever heard without a word to disturb this melody.”

51.)“And our good times start and end without dollar one to spend, but how much baby to we really need?”

52.)“Blue is the color of the sun, and nothing stops when everything is done.”

53.)“There’s so little time for us to try and rhyme and so many highways to travel upon. Open your eyes. Get up off your chair! There’s so much to do in the sunlight. Give up your secrets and let down your hair and sit with me here by the firelight.”

54.)While I am sleeping then she comes creeping into my thoughts as night, gazing down through eyes as bright as wonder…She can send on new ways to everywhere, and she is only started after you think that she is there.”

55.)“How the momma did explain trying to take away the pain. But, he just couldn’t understand that his father was not a man and it all was just a game.”

56.)“Running from the rising heat to find a place to hide. The grass is always greener growing on the other side.”

57.)“Behold my footsteps in the sand, but follow not, for soon they shall be covered with snow.”

58.)“Now the sky is getttin’ light and everything will be alright.”

59.)“Short life span. The whole thing’s grand.”

60.)“I know life’s more than just some kind of deal. Yea, but won’t you tell me when all when my soul comes off the shelf.”

61.)“There was a time when she could really love you, when she was thinking only of you, but now she’s put herself above you and there’s nothing I can do.”

62.)“Something doesn’t change, there is only one. Always changing inside, what does it become?”

63.)“Clicks, clacks, riding the backs of giraffes for laughs is alright for awhile.”

64.)“I remember when the answers seemed so clear. We had never lived with doubt or tasted fear.”

65.)“And now I know just why ___ keeps me hangin’ ‘round. ___ needs someone to walk on, so her feet won’t touch the ground.”

66.)“People try to talk to me, their words are ugly sounds, but I resist all their attempts to try and bring me down. Turned on to the sunset like I’ve never been before. I listen for your footsteps and your knock upon the door…And it’s love you bring, with dreams of bluest skies and the morning sings when I see it in your eyes.”

67.)“Freaking out in the afternoon, looking at a daytime moon. Talk to me, I’ll talk to you.”

68.)“A red balloon got in my way. It followed me around, but never touched the ground, what can I say?”

69.)“Play the song a little bit louder tell me I can live without her if I only ________”

70.) "Comes a day, there's a knock on my door"

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