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*Eating Disorder Links*

Also see the pages on anorexia, bulimia, ED-NOS, and binge eating disorder for links specific to those disorders.

General Information

Something Fishy website on eating disorders.. I personally believe this is the best site out there
Mirror Mirror..Something Fishy's sister organization in Canada. Lots of great links and information
Body Image Betrayal and Related Issues.. Unbinding the body betrayed
Eating Disorders Awareness and Prevention
Mirror Mirror
Men and eating disorders
Eating disorders in males
When is it an eating disorder?
Support, Concern and Awareness for Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder Education Organization
Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders
<End All the Pain

Athletes and Eating Disorders

Blades on Ice Article about figure skaters and eating issues
Athletes and Eating Disorders from
Athletes and eating disorders from
Athletes and eating disorders from Caring Online
Athletes and EDs from
About the Female Athlete Triad
Body image in the female athlete Amenorrhea in the female athlete

Support and Treatment

Remember It Hurts.. Something Fishy's support forum
Silent All These Years support forum
EDskatersupport..Forum for skaters with EDs to combat anxiety, self-esteem, and intrusive thoughts
Eating disorder referrals and information
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
Academy for Eating Disorders
Nutritional Intervention for Eating Disorders
Pale Reflections
A letter from an eating disorder

Articles on EDs

Eating woes on college campus
Eating disorders in a disordered culture
When friends and family don't "get it"
Foundation for Change
Caring Online Eating Disorders
The dark side of nutrition
Why young women are prey to eating disorders
Starving for life and loveliness
Disordered beauty

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