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Fan Fiction


Fan Fiction is the component of "TAWA" that allows fans the complete freedom to write anything fictional they want about "Another World."  This can be short stories, poetry, scripts, etc.  The way this works is once you have a piece written, you submit it to "TAWA" through email.  We will then send you a receipt confirmation, and post it on this fan fiction page for others to enjoy.  Your writing will be credited to yourself as the author or anonymous if that is how you want it.  You may submit as much fan fiction as you wish.  Be sure to include a title on your piece.


Submitted Fan Fiction

The Haunting
Twas the Night Before Christmas (Bay City Version)
The New Years Eve Suprises
Futuristic Bay City - Part 1
Life with Vicky - Part 1
Life with Vicky - Part 2

The Another World Anthology