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Nelson Reunion 2000

St. Louis Arch

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July 4th; watching the video of Ben & Dora Nelson Family


Bill and Marty.

Carolyn, Sandy and Marilyn.

Bud and JoAnn (Nelson) Shepard.

JoAnn is daughter of Tince and Mollie Nelson.

Lewis and Betty

Marty, JoAnn, James and Shelly.

Verdi Nelson and family

Beautiful view of the country roads.

Some of the girls at the Nelson Family reunion 2000.

Some of the local activities; fly fishing at Mammoth Spring.

Family Photos

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What a great time at the Nelson Family Reunion 2000. Can't wait to
see everyone in 2002. This was the look, by the end of the day.
"Are we ready to go yet mom??" Jim Shepherd & family

"Thank-you to all our family who participated.

We will be posting pictures here and updating this page so bookmark it and keep checking.

Any information and pictures is greatly appreciated.

Please send information to me via e-mail or U.S. mail.

Our genealogy work today will better the lives of our children and grandchildren and their children and grandchildren.

The primary sources of information on this and our other genealogy pages comes from courthouse and family documentation (i.e. bibles.)

More pictures to come."

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