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#2, April, 1998.

The magazine for every one who likes Othello and wants to raise his skill.

No Java, no downloads. Free Othello (Reversi) is provided in turn-based format. Variations like 10 X 10 Reversi, Anti-Reversi, and Blackhole Reversi are also available.

   Dear friends!

   About 300 people visited the first issue! So as this magazine has own readers. Thanks to all who sent feedbacks!

   Thanks to Eddie Williams and Marcelo Lisnovsky for sending his articles. Thanks to Ola Hansson for his permission to use his work. Thanks to Elisabetta Vecchi and Bintsa Andriani for a promise to write for you!

   I repeat my request to all to join to this stuff too! And there is a warm free vacancy: Editor-in-Chief!

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Interview with Marc Tastet


The overevaporation technique: prelude of wipe-outs by Marcelo Lisnovsky

Lessons column by Eddie Williams


Find the best move! by Benyamin Shifman


The Classic Ladder tournament

Current total standings

Tournament on IOS 12/04/98

IGP: Israel starts an offensive!by Leonid Shifman

The April Open IOS Tournament by Ola Hansson


The best On-Line Tournament by Leonid Shifman


  • From Tetsuya Nakajima:

        I am very glad to announce that I won the meijin title match again. The 19th meijin title match was held on 5th April. The previous meijin is me as you know :-), and the challenger is Masaki Takizawa. We played 4 games, and use number of discs to tie-break.


  • From Karsten Feldborg:

        This years Copenhagen Open was attended by only 6 playes.

        The result was a follows:

    1.  Erik Jensen, DK           5/5               (2-1)
    2.  Karsten Feldborg, DK      4/5               (1-2)
    3.  Johan Berner, SE          2/5  167      (1-0)
    4.  Marius Joudele, LIT       2/5  170      (0-1)
    5.  Torben Vallund, DK        2/5  132
    6.  Mikael Mrtensen, DK      0/5

        Scores in the final were 30-34, 42-22, 35-29.


  • From Bintsa Andriani:

         On 25 April we organised a national championship for the french clubs; six teams composed of four players. Here are the final results;

    1. LYON       7,5/10 (Sarkissian, Piau, Collay F. et S.)
    2. PARIS_2    7      (Caspard, Robin, Roch, Tesinsky)
    3. STRASBOURG 6      (Massire, Lanuit, Scherno, Bourrachot)
    4. PARIS_1    4      (Tastet/Juhem, Andriani, Abe, Ovion)
       RENNES     4      (Poirier, Stevens, Garel, Lang)
    6. GRENOBLE   1,5    (Kashiwabara, Souchet, Lacroix, Michel)

        This was a big success, and it will be reconducted next year. Didier Piau has stopped to play since a long time, and he has decided to compete again. He was one of the best french players in the years 1985-1990.


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