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   The overevaporation technique: prelude of wipe-outs by Marcelo Lisnovsky (everest)

   Although not many players are using the overevaporation technique, it is very effective sometimes. Overevaporation means filling the othello board with as much of your own color discs as you can. The goal is to force your opponent to make a bad move, by taking away his access to key squares.

    This strategy imply taking edges and giving center control of the game to your adversary. Because that, it is a risky tactic and should not be attempted often. But overevaporation your opponent puts tremendous pressure over him (specially in blitz games). Many times the game finish in a spectacular wipe out!

    How should you defend against this maneuver? The best way is to obtain a secure edge piece and playing calmly, no matter how bad looks your board position.

    Finally, one of my own games played in IOS against the computer program FLY (Logistello 2 ply)

    In this game, the overevaporation technique payoff and I achieve a wipe out over the computer.