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PineappleMan's Perks Page

Aloha from Pineapple Man

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This is my "Pineapple Perks" page. (Mahalo, Jane.) It's a way c ool place to just "hang loose" and spend some time. You can check the news, the weather, daydream about your next vacation, look for a good book, search the web, or even send an online greeting. So come on in, enjoy the hula show and spend some time.
By the way, I love feedback. Why not drop me a note with your comments. You can either send me an e-mail or put your comments in my guestbook. Mahalo!

"Hawaii Aloha" midi sequenced
by Lokela, da kahuna mele. Nice job, brah!
Mahalo for sharing!
NOTE: Lyrics to this old Hawaiian classic
are forthcoming.

Click here for nice midi.
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Live camera on Waikiki Beach
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Mr. & Mrs. Pineappleman, Waikiki, 1988

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