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Aloha from PineappleMan

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Here are some of my favorite web sites. . .

Paradise Aloha - Lokela's FANTASTIC website (my brah, da kahuna mele) Lots of great pitchas and some really perceptive wisdom from da Kahuna hisself!

Mark Twain's Hawaii on the Web -'s very thorough compilation of "almost everything Mark Twain wrote about Hawaii". Really quite interesting - especially if you're a Mark Twain fan.

Aloha from Hawaii Webzine - Hawaii's award-winning online magazine. You'll love this site! Superbly done in Art Deco style - music and video downloads - filled with fascinating articles!

ABC Stores - A really cool place to shop.

Aloha Joe - Hawaiian Adventure Radio - Loads of great Hawaiian music!

Hawaiian Language - Learn the language.

Internet Hawaii H4 - More great Hawaiian music . . . and MORE!!!

Honolulu Traffic Camera System - Live pictures from Honolulu.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin - Read the latest news from Honolulu.

Virtual Hawaiian Luau - Don't eat the poi! (That's just my opinion.)

Ernie's Learn to Speak a Little Hawaiian - A handy, concise language page.

Bounty Music, Inc. - A virtual Ukulele encyclopedia! Lots of great Ukulele links.

Flea Market Music - A fun Ukulele site! This one has a great Bulletin Board.

Ukuleles by Kawika - Another great Ukulele site! - A different Hawaiian music video each day - PLUS videocams stationed on Waikiki Beach and the North Shore!

Pineappleman receiving his very first hula lesson.
(He's the one facing the camera - such a brilliant student!)

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