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A Long Way From Home
By Connie Briscoe (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
Now Available From HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

“From Connie Briscoe, the New York Times bestselling author of Sisters & Lovers and Big Girls Don’t Cry, comes a lyrical and moving tour de force that is her most daringly ambitious novel to date—a multigenerational story of slavery, freedom, and the indestructible bonds of love and family witnessed through the lives of three unforgettable African-American women.

Shimmering with heartache and hope, A Long Way From Home recounts the joys, pain, and ultimate triumph of three generations: Susie; her daughter, Clara; and her granddaughter, Susan. Born and reared as house slaves on Montpelier, the Virginia plantation of President James Madison and his wife, Dolley Madison, they are united by love, by a fierce devotion to each other and their fellow slaves, and by a growing desire for freedom—a dream that will finally come to fruition for Susan at the end of the Civil War.

In A Long Way From Home, Connie Briscoe vividly recreates Southern life and the ambivalent, shifting relationships on both sides of the color divide, from the cruelty and insidious benevolence of white owners to the deep yearnings and complex emotions of the slaves themselves. This poignant, powerful story pays homage to the African-American experience and to the ancestors, both black and white, whose lives and histories are indelibly entwined with our own.”

Part 1 - 1,015 Words

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By Rosalie More (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
Published by Fiction Works at http://www.fictionworks.com and available for purchase from eBookShoppe.com.

“The last thing an army officer needs on a secret assignment is a nosy civilian, especially a woman with troubles of her own. A clash of wills results when a merchant’s daughter insists on involving herself in Major O’Donnell’s scheme to smuggle arms during the Texas Revolution. He may have the authority of the U.S. military behind him, but she owns the freight wagons, and they’re not rolling anywhere without her.

Who can they trust? The riverboat gambler, the Cajun with the fast knife, the voodoo priestess, or the exiled Royalist with secrets of his own?

In 1837, New Orleans is known as the ‘South- west’—beyond lays the wild frontier where few have ever laid eyes on a white woman—and it’s hard to tell friend from foe.”

Part 1 - 2,251 Words
Part 2 - 3,551 Words
Part 3 - 6,703 Words

Angel Of Death—The Road From Here To Where You Stay
By Thomas Kemp (March, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 3)
“In the early 1960s, Thomas Camp, a young man from Cuyahoga, Ohio, joins the Marines and is stationed in Vietnam. Based upon a set of tests administered when he entered the Marines, he is designated for special service. Major events, including the assassinations of Presidents John Kennedy and Diem of Vietnam, lead to Thomas being designated to find those responsible. As mandated by presidential orders, he has had to keep this secret for more than 30 years. Now, Thomas tells how he became a marker, an assassin, for the U.S. Government.”
Part 1 - 2,776 Words
Part 2 - 7,726 Words
Part 3 - 2,326 Words

Beaudry’s Ghost
By Carolan Ivey (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
Now Available From Dreams Unlimited.

“Jared Beaudry’s vengeful spirit has been roaming the Outer Banks of North Carolina for more than 137 years. In 1862, a mad Confederate officer took his hand, leg, head and—worst of all—his honor. A re-enactment of the Civil War Battle of Roanoke Island gives Jared a slim chance to regain his honor and have the revenge he craves. In one desperate moment he takes a leap of faith, triggering a horrifying, unstoppable chain of events.

Taylor Brannon, re-enacting as a memorial to her beloved brother, hides a life-long secret—she has the frightening ability to touch objects and see the owner’s departed spirit. She has decided to use her ‘gift’ to contact her brother and heal the rift between them. But instead of laying her brother’s memory to rest, she can only stand by, helpless, as her entire re-enacting unit is taken over by spirits of the dead. Is she the cause, or is it this man who claims to be the legendary ghost of Jared Beaudry? Man or ghost, one thing is clear—Beaudry is careening down a path of revenge and self-destruction.

Taylor finds herself fighting for the life—and love—of a ghost. But the cost could be her sanity, or even her soul.”

Editor’s Note : You can read a book review of Beaudry’s Ghost in the archives—September 1999 Issue, or click here.

Part 1 - 1,996 Words

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Beloved Enchantress
By Joan Van Nuys (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
Now Available From Hard Shell Word Factory

“Wild and free, beautiful Sunniva Mellby had no interest in the housewifely arts her mother taught her; nor would she meekly accept the middle-aged bridegroom her father proposed. There was only one man for her—Raven, as fierce and proud as his namesake—and she would risk banishment to ride unfettered at his side.

Only his kisses turned her blood to fire, only his hard warrior’s body could penetrate her maidenly reserve. Yet on the very morn of their wedding, Sunniva was spirited away by the feared Viking chieftain, Rolf Gunnarsson. Her heart breaking, Sunniva swore no man would take by force what she had freely given Raven; no mere Viking would break the vows of never-ending love between them.”

Part 1 - 2,071 Words
Part 2 - 3,185 Words

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Beyond The Pharisees
By Anne Langford (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
“First century Rome. Nero, war, politics. It is a time where far too many voices believe they are the authority who speak for God. The Essenes, Pharisees, Sadducees. Dissidents, rebels, lambs. Beyond The Pharisees takes up the rebel call to arms. How Vespesian wages war against the rebels and how politics and the Judean conflicts shape Rome and Judea for all time. We are privy to the intrigues, plots and romance of the era. Vespesian, Nero, Titus and yes, Josephus, are main characters in a cast of many.”
Part 1 - 2,422 Words

Challenge The Wind
By Debra Tash (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
“They took Sarah Lloyd prisoner on that clear autumn day. Six British deserters now held her and her family hostage north of Saratoga, New York. The Americans had just won a decisive battle, a turning point in their Revolution. But Sarah’s turning point was yet to come. With her husband wounded on another battlefield outside Philadelphia and her eldest daughter now trapped inside the British occupied rebel capital, the fate of everyone she loved would be decided in that brutal winter.”
Part 1 - 2,590 Words
Part 2 - 2,734 Words

By Anne Janette Johnson (March, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 3)
“Set in the turbulent first decades of the fourteenth century, Cornerstone is the tale of how one violent knight finds the Holy Grail within himself. Three characters—the Templars Stephen St. Clair and Peter de Bologna, and a misfit young woman named Walker—all face torture and hardship at the hands of the Inquisition, but they also find aid from a secret brotherhood with a new and unorthodox agenda. Ranging in locale from the dungeons of Paris to the battlefield of Bannockburn, Cornerstone offers speculation on the nature of the alliance between the mysterious Knights Templar and the Freemasons who claim the Templar legacy today.”
Part 1 - 3,687 Words
Part 2 - 7,089 Words
Part 3 - 3,236 Words

Dawnflight : The Legend of Guinevere
By Kim D. Headlee (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
Now Available From Pocket Books
ISBN# 0-671-02041-2.

“Among the misty lochs and glens of ancient Scotland, duty wages war against love on the battlefield of opposing cultures, religions, and political agendas.

After Caledonia’s devastating loss in the battle of Aber-Glein against Arthur map Uther, Pendragon of Brydein, Chieftainess Gyanhumara (“Gyan”) nic Hymar is obligated by treaty to marry a Brytoni nobleman. She chooses as her betrothed Urien map Dumarec, son of her clan’s worst enemy, in hopes of bringing lasting peace to her people. Arthur must honor this arrangement, even though he knows that Urien, his arch-rival, will gain greater power from it.

When Arthur and Gyan meet, the love that develops between them escalates to legendary proportions. But with her clan’s future in her hands, Gyan would forsake her heart’s bidding and go through with her obviously ill-fated marriage to Urien. For unless she and Arthur can avert the civil war that is sure to erupt, their love will be doomed to remain unfulfilled—forever.”

Part 1 - 3,048 Words

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Edwina Parkhurst - Spinster
By Patricia White (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
Now Available From Hard Shell Word Factory

“Edwina Parkhurst has a guilty secret, one that she has lied, contrived, and connived to keep hidden. Knowing full well that what she does is denounced as a terrible sin, preached against in pulpits, seen as Satan’s handiwork by the God-fearing people in her world, and especially by the family she loves and has supported for years, Edwina continues her sinful ways. She has no choice if she is to keep a roof over her family’s heads, food on the table, and garments suitable to their station.

Everything changes when she agrees to accompany her married sister to Oregon to rejoin her abusive husband, a trip that takes them through the wilds of Nevada’s High Desert. A trip that has the sister and her daughters stolen by outlaws and strands Edwina in the desert winter. Dressed as a boy, driving a buggy destined for a ‘calico queen,’ and taking care of a man she thinks is an outlaw, she is hard put to keep on lying to Tal Jones, her captive, a blind gunfighter.

Wanting nothing more than to make enough money to go south where it’s warm, Tal agreed to protect the freight wagons of whiskey, but he didn’t expect to get shot in the head, lose his eye-sight, and wind up with a boy who was becoming more and more attractive every minute. And, of course, that isn’t right.

And, of course, Edwina isn’t a boy.”

Part 1 - 2,251 Words
Part 2 - 4,402 Words
Part 3 - 4,644 Words

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Gypsy Flyer
By Debra Tash (March, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 3)
Gypsy Flyer is a family saga of 120,000 words, spanning the jazz age, when passenger flight began, to the era of the Vietnam conflict. In the novel, Michael Ryan, born in a Chicago brothel, with a mother who turned him out at the age of eleven, is a barnstorming pilot. There is only one thing he craves—an untroubled home. Meeting Jake Stimpson, the prodigal son of a powerful family, he becomes a gypsy flyer—first by rum-running across the Mexican border, to later founding one of the country’s first airlines. But will Michael ever win that untroubled home?”
Part 1 - 3,391 Words

The Heiress
By Claire Delacroix (November, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 5)
Published by Dell Publishers® - September 1999
(ISBN# 0-440-22589-2)

“‘I seek a bride, the wealthiest heiress in Ireland.’

No woman can resist the charms of Rowan de Montvieux. But the dashing rogue is in no hurry to marry--until his family dares him to find a bride...or risk losing his inheritance. So Rowan sets out on a Bride Quest vowing to wed only


But his journey is interrupted when a slave merchant offers to sell him a ragged peasant girl who carries herself like a queen. Intrigued and never imagining she is the sought-after Bronwyn of Ballyroyal, an heiress in disguise, Rowan buys her, offering her his protection if she will lead him to the bride he seeks. Never has he met a woman so proud, so beautiful, so defiant. He suspects she is no commoner and vows to uncover her secrets and melt her fiery resolve. But the perilous voyage to Ireland kindles passions that risk both their lives, as the slave girl who would not be mastered slowly takes possession of his wary heart...”

Part 1 - 1,002 Words

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Ice Angel
By Kathy Ishcomer (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
Now Available From Fiction Works

“Delilah D’Evereaux refuses to accept what fate hands her. Left vulnerable in a man’s world, she takes her only legacy, a talent for gambling, and seeks revenge against Ross Farrell, the man sheholds responsible for her father’s death. But Delilah makes one mistake. With a turn of the cards, she becomes the mistress of the very man she despises.

Ross Farrell gets more than he bargained for, an unwilling mistress, her black companion, an orphan and his mongrel dog. But the real challenge is keeping Delilah alive long enough to find the real killer, and to change his unwilling mistress into a very willing lover.”

Part 1 - 393 Words
Part 2 - 3,509 Words

In The Wind’s Eye
By Charlotte Boyett-Compo (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
Now Available From DLSIJ Press.
See http://dlsijpress.com/compo/ for information on how to order.

“Captain Sinclair McGregor has spent two years in the frozen hell of a Yankee prison camp. His life as he once knew it has been destroyed by the War. Returning home to Savannah to find his fiancée married to his worst enemy and his ancestrial home sold for back taxes to the same man, he knows a despair darker than the depths of the Abyss. His life in shambles, his heart broken, with no money or possessions to his name, he is forced to move in with the grandmother who had raised him: a woman who abused him as a child and despises him as a man. If Sinclair cannot take back the family mansion, she would rather see him dead and sets into motion a plan to have her wishes carried out.”

“But no one counted on the love of four uniquely different women who band together to save Sinclair McGregor’s life and soul. Will they be successful . . . or will the ugly hatred of a bitter old woman condemn him to a final hell?”
Part 1 - 4,804 Words
Part 2 - 6,082 Words
Part 3 - 4,831 Words

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Instrument Of Darkness
By Rusty Harding (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
Now Available From Fiction Works.

“History records that John Wilkes Booth, the slayer of Abraham Lincoln, was shot to death in a burning tobacco shed in April of 1865. But what if history were wrong? What if Booth survived that blazing barn, part of an assassination plot hatched by Lincoln’s own cabinet?

Granbury, Texas, 1876: A flamboyant bartender named John St. Helen lies deathly ill. He summons his best friend to his bedside and begins to weave an incredible tale of murder, mystery, and historical deceit. And before his story is finished, John St. Helen will reveal the truth: that he is John Wilkes Booth, the Instrument of Darkness.”

Part 1 - 3,184 Words
Part 2 - 2,508 Words
Part 3 - 3,292 Words

Mecca’s Gold
By Kaye Kelly (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
Now Available From Quion Press
(ISBN# 1-877163-13-9)

“Poppy Bramwell is a young housemaid at a farm in Devon, in the 1860s. Her attractive looks and lively nature bring her to the attention of the younger son of the house, Cam Ainsley. Since he is destined to marry the horse-faced Frances in Ireland, he decides a romp with the pretty Poppy would make a satisfying end to his bacherlorhood. Cam is shocked to discover Poppy is a virgin, but easily reassures himself. She came easily to his bed and, no doubt, sooner or later one of the village lads would take his place.”
Part 1 - 5,156 Words

The Moonstone
By Claire Cross (December, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 6)
Now Available From Berkley/Jove® - Time Passages
ISBN# 0-515-12654-3

“North England, 1395. Falsely accused of witchcraft, ever-optimistic Viviane is sure the truth will set her free. But when her execution is imminent, only a wish on a unusual moonstone pendant bequeathed by her father offers any solace. Thinking it harmless, and sympathetic to her plight, the knight escorting her to the execution grants her request—and is shocked when Viviane vanishes...

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, 1999. Suddenly, Viviane finds herself in a wondrous realm she believes is the legendary Avalon. Befriended by some rather eccentric locals, she quickly finds the warmhearted island community happily compatible with her sunny disposition. But the hand of justice soon reaches across time and space to bring her back. The hand, however, belongs to the same handsome knight responsible for her freedom. And soon this powerful man, devoted to upholding the law, finds himself caught between duty and a far more powerful emotion...”

Part 1 - 1,261 Words

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By Deb Crockett (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
Now Available From Domhan Books.
For ordering information : http://pdq.to/natchez.

“Step into the bygone world of Natchez, Mississippi, in the year 1853.

Riverboats, saloons, gamblers, scoundrels, and rakes abound in this story of a young woman who, by a strange twist of fate, finds herself alone and penniless and left to her own resourcefulness to survive. Murder, mystery, adventure, excitement, and romance await in the pages of this first novel from Deb Crockett.”

Part 1 - 6,279 Words
Part 2 - 2,940 Words
Part 3 - 5,496 Words

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Once Upon A Wish
By Ellen Ben-Sefer (May, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 5)
“In Once Upon A Wish, ferocious, woman-despising warrior Malcolm Macleod, laird of the clan, is about to meet his match. His two aunts conspire to bring a wife for him from another century since everyone in 14th-century Scotland is terrified of him. They bring Rebecca Gould, a midwife, from 1999, who could win the Guinness Book of Records title for awful dates. She wakes with a splitting headache on Macleod territory to be found by Malcolm erroneously believing she is fairy from the nearby burn. Rebecca’s ridiculous answers to their questions make him believe she is a visitor from the future, an experience they have had once before. In this chapter, Malcolm and his brother Ian, Uncle Angus, and foster son Duncan question Rebecca, who thinks they are all in an asylum for people suffering the same delusion. Once Upon A Wish is the first book in a trilogy about the Macleods and time travelers who arrive in their midst.”
Part 1 - 1,088 Words

One Bitter And Deadly Harvest
By Trace Edward Zaber (January, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 1)
“In an America on the brink of civil war, a determined young Virginian, heir to a fortune, arrives in Charleston, South Carolina, acting as a proxy for his father in an illegal slave-trading syndicate. If he fails, not only does he face disinheritance, imprisonment, and possible execution, but worse, the loss of his abusive father’s trust.”
Part 1 - 2,631 Words
Part 2 - 4,962 Words
Part 3 - 6,184 Words

Persons Of Rank
By Sherry-Anne Jacobs (July, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 1)
An E book
Now available from Hard Shell Word Factory at http://www.hardshell.com/personsrank.html.

“‘Persons of our rank,’ declared the Dowager, quivering with outrage at the mere thought, ‘do not fall in love!’ But her niece Beatrice and her grand-daughter Eleanor don’t agree and dream of love matches.

Beatrice is despatched to London by the Dowager to look over the current crop of eligible bachelors, but is not impressed by them—though the languid charm of Justin Serle disturbs her more than she will admit. She is appalled by the lack of social conscience and the mercenary attitude toward marriage displayed by the ton. Her country innocence, generous heart and impulsive behaviour, however, lead her into some alarming and even dangerous situations.

Meanwhile, back at Setherby, the beautiful and headstrong Eleanor is up to mischief of her own. And when Beatrice returns, the Dowager, still bent on marrying off the two young women, puts another plan into operation and arranges a house party.

Will Eleanor’s secret be discovered? Will Beatrice continue to deny her own heart? And will the villain achieve his wicked ambitions? Only after a desperate struggle in the potting shed at midnight will matters be resolved and love triumph.”

Part 1 - 5,469 Words

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A Pirate Of Her Own
By Kinley MacGregor (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
Available from HarperCollins.

“He is the Sea Wolf, a dread pirate who stops English Navy ships and frees impressed American sailors. Few know Morgan Drake’s name, and none guesses at his past. Except, that is, a nosy Savannah reporter named Serenity James. Determined to protect his secrets at any cost, Morgan sets sail for Savannah . . . and Serenity.”

“All her life, Serenity has longed for adventure. As a woman, though, she’s lucky even to be tolerated in her father’s newspaper office. Then she’s kidnapped by the bold, sexy pirate whose story fired her imagination, and in his embrace Serenity finds adventure beyond her wildest dreams.”

Part 1 - 2,790 Words

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The Prophet’s Wife
By Cynthia Appel (January, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 1)
“A ‘fictionalized biography’ of Emma Hale Smith, the first wife of New York prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., set in the years 1825-1844.”
Part 1 - 4,054 Words
Part 2 - 3,819 Words
Part 3 - 4,646 Words

A Question Of Trust
By Trace Edward Zaber (February, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 2)
“In 1860, a young photographer, distrustful of the world around him, seeks employment at Mathew Brady’s Washington City Gallery. But when he is offered the chance of a lifetime, can he successfully come to grips with his troubled and violent past in order to play a part in the history-making venture? Or will secrets long-buried come back to haunt him?”
Part 1 - 3,513 Words
Part 2 - 3,278 Words
Part 3 - 4,291 Words

The Rainbow’s Foot
By Denise Deitz Wiley (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
(Voices Publishing - ISBN 0-9655668-1-1).
Now available from Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, Voices Publishing, Delphi Books, and Hard Shell Word Factory at http://www.hardshell.com.
Special Note: First-edition autographed copies now available from the author at Calliope97@aol.com.

“One of the most mesmerizing women to ever grace historical fiction, Fools Gold Smith is the central figure in Denise Dietz Wiley’s lusty, authentically detailed Colorado saga. Equally memorable is John Chinook, rodeo star and movie hero a la Tom Mix. Vast in scope, The Rainbow’s Foot encompasses the Cripple Creek gold rush, the Ludlow Massacre, and Colorado’s silent film industry.”
Part 1 - 942 Words
Part 2 - 6,511 Words
Part 3 - 6,498 Words

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Righteous Warriors
By Meredith Campbell-Risen (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
“The prologue to Righteous Warriors, Volume I of III, as seen through the eyes of a Missouri farmer and his son, details John Brown’s gruesome raid upon the innocent settlers along Pottawatomie Creek. The savagery committed there on a warm night in May, 1856, ignited the deadly Kansas-Missouri border conflict over slavery that, eventually, led to the wider horror of the Civil War. During the war as the Federal occupation of Missouri tightened the Union’s grip upon this border state and Lincoln suspended basic Constitutional freedoms like habeas corpus, internecine warfare flamed afresh on a scale never seen before or since in America. What Georgia and the Carolinas experienced when Sherman’s freebooters ravaged that land for six months, Missouri and Kansas suffered for nearly ten years. Pottawatomie Creek was only the beginning.”
Part 1 - 2,218 Words

Secrets Of Brookden
By Victoria Prescott (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
“In the autumn of 1792, Alicia travels to take up her inheritance. Soon she finds herself at the center of a mystery. Is she in danger, and can she trust either of the two young men she meets?”
Part 1 - 2,816 Words
Part 2 - 4,364 Words
Part 3 - 3,484 Words

Sharpe’s Triumph
By Bernard Cornwell (October, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 4)
Now Available From HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.

“With the return of the brave English sergeant Richard Sharpe—here, to battle the mercenary forces of the Mahratta confederation in India in 1803—Bernard Cornwell claims his rightful place alongside Patrick O’Brian as a contemporary master of historical narrative. Sharpe’s Triumph is a riveting story of betrayal and revenge that showcases the deft blend of suspenseful military adventure and sweeping historical detail that has made each new installment of the Richard Sharpe series a number one bestseller in Great Britain and around the world.

In the four years since he earned his sergeant’s stripes at the bloody siege of Seringapatam, young Richard Sharpe has lead a peaceful existence. But this relatively easy life meets with a brutal end when he is the sole survivor of a murderous attack at the hands of Major William Dodd, a cold-blooded English officer who has defected from the East India Company to join the mercenary forces of the Mahratta confederation.

Sharpe rises from the killing field at Fort Chasalgaon vowing to avenge his dead comrades, even if it means pursuing the turncoat Dodd to the very ends of the continent. It is a quest that takes him deep into the heart of enemy territory, where the accepted rules of engagement have been discarded, where ever-shifting loyalties create an environment of dangerous uncertainty, forcing Sharpe to guard against attacks from enemy and friend.

The paths of treachery ultimately lead to the small village of Assaye, where Sharpe’s company joins the army of Sir Arthur Wellesley—the future Duke of Wellington—to take on the Mahratta horde. Outnumbered and outgunned, Wellesley bravely seizes an unexpected geographical advantage and charges into the white heat of a battle that will make his reputation. It is a bloody confrontation that will make Sharpe’s name, too—but first he must survive the carnage and live to tell the tale of what will be remembered as one of the greatest battles of its century.”

Author Interview
Part 1 - 990 Words

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Sins Of The Father
By Trace Edward Zaber (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
Available From Pulsar Books (ISBN 1-929034-98-9)
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“Jebediah Simpson Ellsworth, a young brigadier general from Vicksburg, Mississippi, arrives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, seeking not only victory for his army and freedom from Northern tyranny, but also to prove his worthiness to his father’s ghost. Instead, his army suffers defeat, he is wounded, and while recovering in enemy territory, is falsely accused of plotting a heinous crime.

With the aid of Faith Bradshaw, a young Yankee woman, and Isaiah Walker, an ex-slave, Jeb embarks on a perilous quest to clear his good name. Along the way, however, he is forced to reassess the teachings of his much-loved father, reexamine the world around him, and reevaluate his own convictions once their foundation starts to crumble.”

Prologue - 1,488 Words
Part 1 - 5,189 Words

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Strange Liaisons
By Trace Edward Zaber (July, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 1)
“Prior to the outbreak of America’s Civil War, Noelle D’Arcy Etheridge, a Charleston-born girl who was shipped off to a New Orleans boarding school after her father’s tragic death, receives an urgent summons to visit her recently-remarried mother, now residing near Savannah.

Why, after 4 years of unwarranted ostracism, would her mother suddenly demand her presence? And will she find happiness, intrigue, love, or peril in a strange city, with a new stepfather, on a mysterious cotton plantation known as Destiny?”

Part 1 - 5,438 Words
Part 2 - 6,847 Words
Part 3 - 5,888 Words

Sverige Nights
By Julie Sandland (Novemvber, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 5)
Sverige Nights explores the struggle of a nineteenth century Swedish immigrant, Karolina, to resolve her diverse identities of Swedish, Lapp, and American. The novel is drawn from real life....There was a real Karolina Magnuson—the author’s great-great-grandmother—who was born in Edan, Varmland, Sweden in 1849. According to family records, she was sold into indenture to pay her family’s land taxes at the age of thirteen.”
Part 1 - 1,123 Words
Part 2 - 663 Words
Part 3 - 1,780 Words

By Meredith Whitford (July, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 1)
“Set in England in the 15th century, Treason tells the story of the reigns of the two Yorkist Kings Edward IV and Richard III. Martin Robsart is orphaned in the civil strife between the Duke of York and the (Lancastrian) supporters of King Henry VI and his wife Margaret of Anjou. Martin’s distant cousin the Duchess of York takes him under her wing, and he grows up serving the new young King Edward IV and his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester.

Edward IV is facing a rebellion by his brother George, Duke of Clarence, and their cousin Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (“the kingmaker”). In a failed coup the rebels have recently taken King Edward prisoner, and his brother Richard has become his chief lieutenant and military leader. Martin and Richard have recently discovered they loved the same girl, Innogen Shaksper, and the baby she is about to bear could have been fathered by either of them. Martin has realized he truly loves Innogen, and Richard is half in love with Warwick’s daughter Anne.”

Part 1 - 8,830 Words
Part 2 - 8,147 Words
Part 3 - 3,719 Words

Unicorn Evils
By Pamela Maddison (April, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 4)
“Fleeing the Byzantine Secret Police across 5th century Europe, a seemingly ill-matched couple come to terms with who and what they are.”
Part 1 - 3,216 Words
Part 2 - 5,411 Words
Part 3 - 4,135 Words

Unwilling Betrayer
By Joan Van Nuys (November, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 5)
Now Available From Hard Shell Word Factory

“Kinswoman to Ireland’s greatest warrior, flame-haired Brianna believed that the Norsemen who plundered her land were barbarians, and she would gladly have given her life to help defeat the searoving raiders. So when the Viking warrior Wulf Thorsson mistook her for a thrall and carried her off to his Dublin stronghold, she had no qualms about posing as a slave if the ruse would strike a blow against her hated enemies. Although Wulf treated her gently, Brianna vowed never to give in to the passion he roused in her. But weak with wanting, she soon discovered that despite her steadfast resolve the fiery desire of her wavering heart might make her the unwilling betrayer of all she ever loved.”
Part 1 - 2,400 Words
Part 2 - 3,586 Words

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The Will Of Time
By Robin Bayne (September, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 3)
Now Available From New Concepts Publishing.

“Leia McGarland is only thirty days from losing her home . . . unless she marries within the month to meet the terms of her grandfather’s will.

Trapped in 1863 . . . after slipping through a time portal in her cellar, Leia meets Brant Douglas, a Union soldier with a hidden agenda. Could the McGarland home’s portal to the future be the final stop for slaves traveling the underground railroad? The more she learns about Brant’s secret, the further Leia falls for him. If only she could fall back to the twentieth century, with Brant as her husband, but is that the will of time?.”

Part 1 - 4,362 Words

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Wilting daffodils
By Anthony Mudge (June, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 6)
“Set over a period of six years in late Victorian times, Wilting daffodils tells the story of Helen Summer, a girl whose sheltered existence comes to an abrupt end when she witnesses a murder during a visit to Aix-les-Bains, a spa in the French Alps. Found unconscious by the roadside, she is taken under the wing of the Harkfield family and brought back to health. While they attempt to solve the crime, romance flourishes between Helen and Arthur Harkfield, aided and abetted by her maid and his sister Charlotte, whose relationship with her fiancé is not all it should be.”
Part 1 - 2,185 Words

The Woman Of Stone
By Debra Tash (February, 1999 : Vol. 1, Number 2)
“The victorious Roman general, Quintus Caecilius Metellus, comes to Delphi, the center of creation, to seek a blessing from Apollo for his conquest of Greece. Instead, the commander finds his fate, seen by a young priestess in a mystical vision: they are one. Timarete, the young priestess, Oracle of Delphi, haunted by strange dreams, fears Metellus even before his arrival. Yet, Timarete cannot deny her vision. She will love him. And through that love, cut short by the rebellion of her people against powerful Rome, the priestess will awaken the long-forgotten compassion of a man hardened by a violent world.”
Part 1 - 2,185 Words

A Woman Of Valor
By Janelle Benham (August, 1999 : Vol. 2, Number 2)
“When Sam Pinkman, the ultimate material girl, is shipped off against her will to spend the summer in Israel on an archeological dig, she immediately runs into conflict with the dig manager, Josh Ben-Sion. And when Sam unearths a chalice dating from the Roman occupation of Judea, and accidently sends the twosome back in time, can they solve the riddle of the chalice and return home?”
Part 1 - 1,000 Words

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