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8888888888   d8888 888888b.    .d8888b. 
888         d88888 888  "88b  d88P  Y88b
888        d88P888 888  .88P  Y88b.     
8888888   d88P 888 8888888K.   "Y888b.  
888      d88P  888 888  "Y88b     "Y88b.
888     d88P   888 888    888       "888
888    d8888888888 888   d88P Y88b  d88P
888   d88P     888 8888888P"   "Y8888P" 


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Welcome to the FABS homepage!

What is FABS?

FABS is a program for making banners, much the way old programs like Printshop did, except it uses ASCII characters for the fonts. If you've ever used the program Figlet (which helped inspire this one), this is sort of like Figlet turned sideways. You can make your own fonts quite easily with just a text editor, and I've done up a few files and utilities that might help you. More are on the way as time permits.

Contacting Softouch Software

If you have any questions/bug reports, please let us know. We'd also be interested in any fonts you create so they can be added to the download page. The best way to contact Softouch Software is to send mail to Softouch@cheerful.com, and we'll try and get back to you as soon as possible.


The following downloads are currently available

The following links are also available:

Thanks for your interest in FABS; I hope you enjoy it.
Best blessings, and have a good day
Sir Isle

 .d888b. ## .d888b. 
d8P   ########   98b
Y8b.     ##     .d8Y
 "Y88b.  ##  .d88Y" 
Y8b   d8P##98b   d8Y
 "Y888P" ## "9888Y" 

 __.   ._ ,          .     __.   ._ ,                
(__  _ |,-+- _ . . _.|_   (__  _ |,-+-.    , _.._. _ 
.__)(_)|  | (_)(_|(_.[ )  .__)(_)|  |  \/\/ (_][  (/,

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