In the 1960's, the big American horror movies included: Hitchcock's The Birds, Hammer Films' The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll and Phantom Of The Opera. In Brazil however, 1963 saw the birth of Coffin Joe from writer/director/star Josť Mojica Marins. His film, At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul, was shot for very little money and shown in the back tents of Brazillian carnivals. Anyone who's ever seen this film can testify that Coffin Joe lead the slasher revolution below the equator.

Scott Gabbey and the folks at Ultra Violent Magazine have a Coffin Joe issue ready to hit the stands! Check out the UV Mag website to order a copy (and get a subscription) or write to:
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Fernando Leal has translated an interview with Coffin Joe! Are we lucky or what?
You can read it here. The original is availible at Jornal da Tarde.

A new book is in the works about horror cinema around the globe. I was contacted by it's editor, Steven Jay Schneider, who asked if I'd be willing to write a section on Coffin Joe. Of course, I would've loved to, but I felt that if anyone should write about Joe, it should be Andre Barcinski. I reffered Mr. Schneider to Andre, but made him promise to keep me (and you) informed on the book's progress.

Coffin Joe had his own website!! Of course, it was all in Portuguese.... The site has disappeared (probably because it was hosted by Geocities and they didn't care for all of the uncovered breats on the site) but I am leaving the link up in the hopes that it returns to us someday. My original message about the site continues below...

Right now, but I am working with the webmaster to bring you translations of some of his stuff. Also, you can sign up for his mailing list. Every Friday at midnight, Coffin Joe will e-mail you a new short story that he's written. Once again, it will come to you in Portuguese, but I'm working on translating the first story now, and you will hopefully see it here soon. My plan is to translate every story, and put them up here for all to see. Also, AltaVista has added a translation service. You can translate Portuguese into English, but it's a very rough translation, and it doesn't know all of the words. But hey, it's better than nothing.

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