Forthcoming in 2001...


Edited by Steven Jay Schneider


The horror genre has proven itself perhaps the most consistently profitable of all those competing for play time in theaters across America and the United Kingdom. But English-speaking regions are no means the only ones to develop, produce, and promote cinematic tales of terror. Horror films serve as an important mode of transmitting-in distorted, nightmare fashion-ideological statements and socio-political messages in numerous other countries as well. In recent years, scholars and fans alike have become increasingly familiar with many of the outstanding horror directors and films to come out of Italy, France, Germany, and Hong Kong. But too few are aware of the fact that the genre's geographic borders stretch all the way from Africa to Austria, Belgium to Brazil, Chile to Czechoslovakia; and that it includes significant output from such countries as Mexico, Japan, India, The Netherlands, and beyond.

What do foreign horror films look like? How much do they borrow from conventional Hollywood horror narratives, and how much do they contribute to establishing new conventions? Can such films succeed in frightening American and British audiences, despite their obvious differences from typical slasher, serial killer, and bug-eyed monster fare? And what are the dynamics of cross-cultural horror exchange? In this important and timely volume, an international collection of leading authorities on World Horror Cinema shall address all of these questions (and others besides), seeking to answer them through a mixture of historical background, close readings, and comparative analysis. In addition, acclaimed horror novelist and scholar Kim Newman (_Anno Dracula_, _Nightmare Movies_) will be writing a specially-commissioned Preface to the book.

Likely contributors include:

  • Andre Barcinski, co-author of _Maldito a vida e o cinema de Jose Mojica Marins, o ze do caixao_ (Sao Paulo Editora). The first full-length book on Coffin Joe!!!
  • Maitland McDonagh, author of _Broken Mirrors/Broken Minds: The Dark Dreams of Dario Argento_ (Citadel)
  • Pete Tombs, co-author of _Immoral Tales: European Sex & Horror Movies_ (St. Martin's)
  • David Kalat, author of _A Critical History and Filmography of Toho's *Godzilla* Series_ (McFarland)
  • Daniel Bird, expert on Poland's Walerian Borowczyk
  • Lisa Stokes and Michael Hoover, authors of _City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema_ (Verso)
  • Xavier Mendik, co-editor of _Unruly Pleasures: The Cult Film and Its Critics_ (FAB)
  • Alan Jones, author of _Mondo Argento_ (Midnight Media)
  • Michael O'Pray, author of _Andy Warhol: Film Factory_ (British Film Institute)
  • Kaya Ozkaracalar, author of numerous articles and film reviews on Turkish horror cinema
  • Michel Larouche, author of _Alexandro Jodorowsky: Cineaste Panique_
  • Gary Rhodes, editor of _Drive-In Horrors_ (McFarland)
  • Miroslaw Lipinski, editor of *Sinister Tales: The NetZine Devoted to International Horror and the Supernatural*
  • Steffen Hantke, author of Conspiracy and Paranoia in Contemporary American Fiction: _The Works of Don DeLillo and Joseph McElroy_ (Peter Lang)
  • Raimi Tateishi, authority on Japanese horror cinema
  • Steven Jay Schneider, co-editor of _Underground U.S.A.: Filmmaking Beyond the Hollywood Canon_ (Wallflower)


Hi again,

Just found out that my publisher HATES the new title of the book, so keep in mind that at some point in the very near future I'll be sending you a new one. I don't blame him for wanting it changed, as it's so dry one practically chokes saying it! But I wanted something more respectable than the original ('THE SUBTITLES THAT DRIPPED BLOOD!' HORROR CINEMA ACROSS THE GLOBE) because I am hoping the book will be used as a textbook in some university courses... Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

All best, and thanks again DiRT,



Hi DiRT,

O.k., it looks like we've finally got the title for the world horror cinema book figured out: how does FEAR WITHOUT FRONTIERS: HORROR CINEMA ACROSS THE GLOBE sound to you?!

Also, three new contributors:

  • Jude Akudinobi, on African Horror
  • Donald Willis, on Filipino Horror
  • Jurgen Felix, on Austrian Horror

Getting better and better all the time!

Anyway, take care, and let me know if you want a shorter description of the book for your website, etc.

All best wishes-- and thanks again for your input/support on this project.