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1975-Present County Soldiers

Remember our Clark County patriots. Some lie in national cemeteries. Some sleep in hometown graves. Some never made it home. But all have something in common. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and our quality of life.


To add yourself, or someone you know, enter their
information into the Clark County Veteran's Log on the main page. Thank you.

1. Jeffrey W. Veach (Martinsville): Army, 1985-1989, 3d U.S. Infantry, the Presidential Honor Guard, Co. HHC, Ft. Myer, VA. 1990-1993, Army Reserves, 972d Combat Engineers, Co. B, Chemical Operations Specialist.
2. James S. Veach (Martinsville): Army, 1986, medical discharge, Cargo Specialist, Ft. Dix, NJ. Died, 8/4/01, buried in Blue Grass Cemetery, Martinsville.
3. SPC Wyrick, Anthony: Currently serving with the 77th Maint. Co. which is part of 3rd COSCOM. Out of Babenhausen, Germany. Enlisted on 27 May 1999 MOS 35J Computer/Automation systems repair.
4. SPC Dan Bilderback
5. SPC Christopher Bradford
6. PFC Brandon Galeener, HHT 1-10 CAV 4ID, Unit 92623
7. LT Clayton D. Gard III, U.S. Marines
8. CPL Brodie Jodry, 3/24 India Co., 1st Platoon
9. SPC Kristopher Hogan, PH Trans. Co., Ft. McCoy, WI
10. SPC Amy Holmes, 706 Transport Co., Camp Taji
11. SPC Angela Holmes, 706 Transport Co., Camp Taji
12. SPC Terri Martin (Marshall)
13. SPC Michael J. Wells, HHS 1/33 FA FOB, Camp Lincer, Operation Iraqi Freedom
14. SPC Eugene Buckner,
Operation Iraqi Freedom
15. SPC Brennan Allen, Operation Iraqi Freedom
16. SPC Renee Davis, Operation Iraqi Freedom
17. SPC Jason Edwards, Operation Iraqi Freedom
18. SPC Nicholas Guinn, Operation Iraqi Freedom
19. SPC Shasta Mason, Operation Iraqi Freedom
20. SPC Brad Murphy, Operation Iraqi Freedom
21. SPC Joseph Murphy, Operation Iraqi Freedom
22. SPC Gary Roach, Operation Iraqi Freedom
23. SPC Aaron Wernz, Operation Iraqi Freedom
24. SGT Alex Wernz, Operation Iraqi Freedom
25. Leslie Beacham
26. John Veltri
27. PFC Josey Boatwright, US Army Rangers
28. Don Bowen
29. Shannon Brush
30. Adam Carter
31. Brady Carter
32. Carrie Clark
33. Samantha Dennison
34. Jonathon Horsley
35. Stephanie James
36. Tom Macey
37. David Martin
38. Dusti McKee
39. Mike Monan
40. Daniel Murphy
41. Jackie Murphy
42. Ryan Murphy
43. Gabe Nichols
44. Shawn Ogle
45. LT COL Anthony Rojeck
46. Greg Staley
47. David Sweitzer
48. Jennifer Wallace
49. Larry Wetnight
50. Jerry Cornwell, US Air Force
51. Jay E. Beasley (Martinsville): US Air Force
52. Rick E. Grubb, US Navy, 1974-1980
53. Charles "Chuck" Robert Lamb, US Army National Guard, 1544th Transportation Unit. KIA.

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