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About the Founder

Remember our Clark County patriots. Some lie in national cemeteries. Some sleep in hometown graves. Some never made it home. But all have something in common. They made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our country, our freedom and our quality of life.


    My name is Jeff Veach. I was born in 1967 and was raised in Martinsville, Clark County, Illinois. I joined the United States Army in 1985, gaining an appointment as a member of the 3rd United States Infantry Regiment , also known as The Old Guard, and The Presidential Honor Guard. I served in this capacity for four years. Shortly after discharge, I re-enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves, the 972nd Combat Engineers, serving in the State of Indiana, for another 4 years.
    During my time in the 3rd Infantry, I performed my duties at the White House, the Pentagon, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as well as serving in ceremonies throughout the United States. I also served on burial details in Arlington National Cemetery, which bred my interest in the Civil War.
    Upon my return to civilian life, I attended college in Illinois, where I met my wife, Melissa, a native of Indiana. We now have two sons. In 1996, I published a book called, Rally Cry! The Hometown Boys in the Civil War, 1861-1865. The History of Clark County, Illinois in the War Between the States. While I no longer live in Clark County, I still consider it my home and will always endeavor to uphold the honor of this wonderful Illinois county.
    The CCMD is basically an extension of my book, Rally Cry!. While Compiling information for the book, I also started collecting information about our soldiers who served between the Revolutionary War and the Spanish-American War. Once that was done, I decided to find what I could about our 20th century soldiers. The reason is a simple one: It's a fact of life that we as a people are a forgetful lot. As time goes by, we tend to forget people we once knew, certain experiences, and sacrifices that have been made. We are very aware of our surroundings, our current standing in life and what we've got, but we at times forget how we got what we have or the sacrifices that were made so we can enjoy the lives we live. It is hoped that the database will bring to remembrance the lives and legacies of some 7000 men and women from Clark County who fought and died so we might enjoy our particular stations in life. Without their sacrifices, our lives would be very different.
    The database also includes a veteran's log, so anyone who served after the Vietnam War can post their information for inclusion onto the site. While the CCMD honors our past heroes, it is also meant to record the living legacy of our current soldiers as well.


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