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The Official Wildlife Guardians Homepage

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Wildlife Guardians
P.O. Box 5013
Glendale Heights, IL 60139

What IS Wildlife Guardians?

Wildlife Guardians is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and abandoned wildlife. We are also avaliable to speak at schools, community groups, scout troops, etc. We do this in an effort to educate animal lovers of all ages to respect our furred and feathered friends. We stress that ALL animals we take in are released into the wild where they belong.

If you find a critter in need of help or have any questions about this organization please contact us at the P.O. box above or E-Mail at

All donations, monetary or supplies, are very appreciated and tax deductable. We thank you for your support as we are funded solely on your donations.

Carol Wroblewski,
Founder of Wildlife Guardians

Our Mission Statement and Goals

To continuously learn and grow as wildlife rehabbers.
To support Wildlife Guardians and each other.
To share information so that we are all well informed.
To rescue injured or orphaned wildlife, rehabilitate them and return them to nature.
To continuously learn and grow in our ability to capture and care for injured and orphaned wildlife.
To grow as an organization, accept new members, increase revenue and explore new avenues for growth.
To make the name Wildlife Guardians the first that comes to mind when people are seeking help for wild animals in need.

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The Wildlife Guardian
Volume 4 Issue 3

Keep up to date with all wildlife news and information! If you currently recieve The Wildlife Guardian by mail, please E-mail us ( and let us know if you'd rather view it on the Web instead of receiving it by mail. A good way to save paper, stamps and trees!

A Special Thanks!

We at Wildlife Guardians would like to give the people who have donated to the Wildlife Guardians cause a special thanks!
Thank you!


Our Wish and Need List

We at Wildlife Guardians are in need of certain materials to serve the wildlife population! If you can help, please do so. We appreciate every donation! And remember, they are always tax deductible!!
Our Wish and Need List

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If you have any questions or comments about this page please feel free to send some E-mail directly to the founder of Wildlife Guardians!

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