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Teen OCD

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Check out the new book for Children about OCD!!
(appropriate for up to age 14 yrs.)
Up and Down the Worry Hill:
A Children’s Book about OCD and its Treatment

by Aureen Pinto Wagner a Clinical Child Psychologist.

Welcome visitors and members of the Teen OCD mailing list!!
For our visitors information, OCD stands for
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
OCD can also have what is called Spectrums.
Some examples are: Tourettes Syndrome, Attention Deficit
Disorder, Trichotillomania, and Body Dysmorphic Disorder. If you
need more information, click on one of the links provided below.
If you know you have OCD, you are a Teen, and would like
to join other Teens with OCD on a mailing list, just put
your Email address in the box below and click subscribe.
If you're not sure what a mailing list is, click here for more info.

See a copy of our Flyer distributed at the
in St. Louis, Mo. on August 7-9, 1998.

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OC Foundation-Home page
Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous
Neurology Web Forums at MGH
Awareness Foundation


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The Teen OCD support mailing list has
members as of 8/31/02
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The ocdteen mailing list is made to be a safe place for Teens
to discuss their lifes experiences with this disorder
and its spectrums. We do not allow advertising,
or flaming. The owner of the mailing list(that's me) has the
ability to "kick" unwanted Email addresses off the list.
2 "safe parents" and 1 "safe Teen" are provided on the
list for any of the members to private Email anytime
they feel the need.
Dr. Jim Hatton PhD, MFCC, of the San Diego
Regional Program for OCD and Trichotillomania,
is the medical coordinator for the list.
For the safety of the Teens, the list archives are non-public.


I talk to,
Others often,
Who have the same problem as I do.
They help me understand,
My problems, and more importantly myself.

They answer my questions truthfully,
And I don't fear to ask a question,
Because it isn't a joke to us,
And I am not afraid,
To let them know what is wrong.

I hope they can ask,
That they feel like no one else would understand.
I know,
I feel like this every day.

Our professional help,
Isn't always by our sides,
Especially when we need them the most.
So, I am thankful,
That there is a place where we can turn to.
Written by an OCD Teen member


"Your friends, and even your family --"
they do the best they can:
They love you and they try so hard
but still don't understand.

They watch the shows,
they read the books,
but still they cannot see
the overwhelming pain and stress
that comes with OCD.

They see the way you check the locks
the lights, the stove, the doors;
They see you step a certain way
while walking cross the floors;
They see you check your rearview mirror
for people you have hit;
They see you try to deal with fears
you know will never quit;
They see you wash for hours day
till hands are raw and sore;
They see you look for tampering
when at the grocery store;
They see you try to concentrate
while violent thoughts intrude;
They see you look for evidence
of poison in your food.

They see you through a wall of glass
they simply can t get through -
They re stuck there,
on the other side,
and don t know what to do.

A special club with special rules,
this secret we all share -
A different place,
a different world of which they re unaware......

By Bobbie (mother of an ocd teen)
(May 11, 1998)

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