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Astronomy 100 at U.A.E. University
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United Arab Emirates University
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Department of Physics
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United Arab Emirates


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Welcome to Spring 2005


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  • SOLAR ECLIPSE of August 11, 1999: Nice Pictures to See

  • Course Description

    Astronomy is the study of the Universe. One main goal of this introductory course is to present astronomy as a beautiful and exciting science. The Sun and the Moon are just two common astronomical objects that we are all familiar with. But, to the general person, it is wrongly admitted that the Sun-Earth distance is the main cause of the seasons and that the phases of the Moon are caused by the Earth shadow on the Moon.

    We will start our journey in this course with a general introduction: the different branches of astronomy, the solar system, stars, galaxies, and the contribution of ancient civilizations. We will then treat in details the contribution of Muslims in the field of astronomy. Four major scholars will be covered: Al-battani, Ibn Yunis, Al-Biruni, and Ibn al-Shatir. Then, spherical astronomy will be our next subject where we will introduce the different coordinates systems used to find objects in the sky, the reason for the seasons, the cause of the eclipses, the determination of the Qibla direction, the start of the five daily prayers, and the determination of the Islamic months.

    Then we will examine the solar system and its nine planets, comets, asteroids, and meteorites. Stars will be started with the Sun first. We will discuss the different phases of a star as it evolves with time. Finally, we will explore galaxies and the origins of the Universe.


    Course Schedule: Fall 2005

    Attendance Policy

    Student must attend all classes and is responsible for all work. If a student misses a class, he/she must contact the instructor for make up work. Past experience shows that students who succeed in this course are those who attend class regularly.


    The course is tentatively divided into twelve chapters:


    As for any exam, the student must come early to the assigned room and must have a proper ID card. Students who come late will not be allowed to take the exam and any cheating during the exam will be properly dealt with according to the university rules.

    Past Exams

    Grades for Spring 2005 (not listed yet)

    Note: The grades listed in the links below are temporarily and are updated after each exam. You must have Adobe Reader 5.0 or later to read the files.

    Partial Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 from Al-Ain (UAE)

    Some nice pictures that I have taken from Al-Ain on that very hot day of August 11 during the partial solar eclipse. An 8" meade telescope equipped with a solar filter was used to take the pictures. The 35 mm camera was loaded with a 200 Kodak Gold film with exposures of 1/60sec.

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