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Here are some general comments and stories, other npc's have told.  (Amok is what my character is called)


Haer’Dalis- Ah, my hound, this city be the great world of commerce! Perhaps we can sell Jaheira?

Jaheira- Cut your wit, bard. The day has been long already, without you adding hours to it.

Haer’Dalis- Cut my wit? Why, certainly, if i could only use your nose’s razor edge to perform the task.

Jaheira- Aye, it seems I’ve sharpened it upon the grindstone of your heart.

Haer’Dalis- Well, my frumpy ptarmigan, I must protest.

Jaheira- "Methinks thou dost protest too much." Aya, I can quote the poets too. If you must protest, I respond only to hunger strikes and, even then, too late.

Haer-Dalis- Oh Amok, raven of sympathy! Yon woman is stifling my creativity and stealing thunder from my wit! I swear I cannot work amidst the lashings of her tongue!



Yoshimo- Brave halfling lass! With the scurrying of little feet you throw yourself into the fray. It is so cute to see the little ones fight. Like a fearless samurai you are, Mazzy.

Mazzy- Honestly, Yoshimo, I am sick and tired of humans and large folk calling me cute!

Yoshimo- I cannot help it! You are like a miniature prophet of doom.

Mazzy- Oh, shut up! I won't seem so cute if I break your legs.

Yoshimo- I meant no offense, Mazzy. You should be flattered! I don't think you're ugly...

Mazzy- If you wish to end this conversation without bruises, you will silence yourself now!

Yoshimo- Yes, mistress.

Mazzy- And don't call me mistress!


Yoshimo- Friend Korgan, you are truly a paragon of dwarven ill-humor. Can you find no joy in being alive? The smell of the morning dew and the feel of the free air?

Korgan- Aye, I find pleasure in the feel of an inquisitive thief's neck-bone breakin' between me hands.

Yoshimo-They could write a book about you. 'Irritable Dwarven Responses', they'd call it. It would be a best-seller amongst the smelly-old-drunk market. What say you?

Korgan- Mayhaps ye should, only 'Pleasures of the Dwarven Bed-Chamber' is a more pleasing and accurate subject.

Yoshimo- Ho! Is it, now? How about 'The Unbathed Adventurer: Travels with Korgan'?

Korgan- Worry not, thief. There's naught wrong with yer idea that a sharp blow to yer idiot skull wouldn't fix.

Yoshimo- Here is yer title and argue with me gauntlet if ye dare: 'Tall-Folk Scourge: Yoshimo Beware!'. Now shut yer mouth and get to writing.


Yoshimo- Tell me, Edwina, would you like me to let out the seams on your robe? I'm quite handy with a needle. You do, after all, have more... bulk... in the upper chest area.

Edwin(a)- Silence, you fool! Chauvinist pig! (What am I saying?) I mean to say - 'Idiot!'

Yoshimo- It was only an offer, m'lady. There is no cause for anger.


Kylie- Ho, there, friend! I've a fine barrel of wares for you to peruse, if you but care to stop a moment!

Amok- Very well, let's see what you have to sell.

Kylie- You are most gracious. Look upon the finest assortment of turnips in Athkatla! Red and gold from the South, even the blue turnips of the North! All fresh!

Amok- Are you trying to tell me that all you have to sell is turnips?

Kylie- And why not sell turnips? Delighting the palate of the young and old with flavours of distinction and subtlety, the turnip has so many uses it boggles the mind!

Kylie- Why, you have turnip stew. Boiled turnips, turnip salad, turnip and eggs! You can string turnips together and make a turnip necklace.

Amok- Um...I'm really not interested in turnips, actually.

Kylie- Ah, a sad state to lack interest in something so wonderful. I think that Kylie can see within you, however, an eye for more adventurous things, yes?

Kylie- My Uncle Furnbottom once had an eye for adventure. Finest looking gnome you ever saw in his shiny golden armor as he raised his sword on high!

Kylie- A wonderful memory... until he attracted a griffon with all that shiny armor. The griffon would have enjoyed a plate of turnips more than stringy old Uncle Furnbottom.

Kylie- He put up quite the fight going down. Not unlike a bad turnip, especially if you don't wash it in a spring. Hmm. I've lost track of where I was going with this.



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