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Minsc Interactions


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OK here is some funny dialogue involving Minsc.  (Amok is what my character is called)


(Trying to get into spellhold)

Desharik- What is the meaning of this intrusion? Who are you?

Amok- Amok is my name. I was referred by Captain Golin

Desharik- Golin? Why would he send you to me? What is it you think you want here?

Amok- I seek entry to the asylum. Can you help with this?

Desharik- Spellhold? Why would you want to go there? Hardly a sociable place for decent folk.

Amok- I… I need to be admitted. I need… I need help. I need to be confined.

Desharik- You wish me to have you thrown into the asylum? That is certainly an odd request, through not in itself and indication of madness.

Desharik- What are you trying to accomplish? I can indeed have people committed to Spellhold, but why would you request it?

Amok- I am clearly deranged. Look who i travel with! Minsc, meet the Pirate Lord!

Minsc- Pirate Lord? Such a name does not conjure images of righteous behavior. Stand still a moment and let Boo have a look at you.

Desharik- Er, why is your friend pointing a hamster at me?

Minsc- Boo will soon have you figured out. You certainly seem friendlier that I would think a Pirate Lord would be. And where is your peg?

Desharik- My--- what?

Minsc- Your peg, A proper pirate has a peg, whether a leg, arm or… uh… some other expendable extremity. And a parrot.

Desharik- A parrot?

Minsc- Cartainly! As I have my Boo, so too must you have your parrot. Boo likes parrots. They could wrassel.

Desharik- I’ve seen enough. Congratulations, you are on your way to Spellhold. You are clearly a danger to thew general community.

Desharik- By the gods. I think I’m stupider for talking to you. Stupider? More Stupid? Get them out of my sight, all of them. They may all have this disease of the mind.


Edwin(a)- What!? Why do you stare at me so, barbarian?!

Minsc- You bear handsome features, though they are familiar, too. Edwin's sister perhaps? Aye, Boo sees the resemblance. You are his superior in your manner though.

Edwin(a)- I AM Edwin, you lumbering fool! Can you not comprehend this?!

Minsc- I don't do well with the philosophical. You are Edwin? Ah, like Minsc is Boo and Boo is Minsc because we carry each other within. Do you like hamsters? Boo likes you.

Edwin(a)- If you do not wish to be the proud owner of a very small rug you will get that animal away from me.

Minsc- I see more and more of Edwin in your tone, though still you are better company than he. Boo will forgive you, for now.

Edwin(a)- (I will kill ALL of them. Slowly. With...with HOT...pokey things and...and coals and...and prods. Yessssss, prods. Many, many prods.)

Minsc- I think she warms to our company, Boo. See how she looks longingly?


Yoshimo- Why, Boo! What a fabulous job you did in the battle! You went for the eyes as fast as any miniature giant space hamster that I've ever seen.

Minsc-  Boo says that he was just doing his job.

Yoshimo- And a fine job it was. What a brave little hamster!

Minsc- Boo says that Yoshimo did well, too...for someone who isn't Minsc.

Yoshimo- Thank you, Boo.

Minsc- Do you see that, Boo? There goes a nice man.


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