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Super Mario RPG Super Spot


Includes Super Mario RPG, Star Fox, Busby, and gameshark codes. Welcome to the site where you can get secrets about the best video games. Not only that you'll learn more about them at there higher technologies. In the 33rd to the 34th century, forces like MushroomKingdom, Busber, Star Fox, Bomberman, and Earth forces have joined against a higher technology and that is the Smithy Gang. In the 40th century they'll be going against a greater challenge. Here you will get information about the space and the bios about the characters and there history, and soon to be there story's. Also sign the guest book to put in a vote for your favorite. There is a message board where you can communicate.

Update Section
12-21-98: Added alot of space ship bios in the days before and new section about the bases

12-14-98: Adding more space ship bios

12-11-98: Added a page for Nintendo 64 gameshark codes

12-10-98: We are now having have 4 people of ownership of this site. Smithy from Super Mario RPG, Croco that is also from Super Mario RPG, Busby from Busby video games, and Star Fox from Star Fox 64. I'm sorry for the lack of not updating the site. I'll try to do some more updating. Though if you have any suggestions please e-mail me,BY SMITHY. Obvously as you can none of us have not been yet been spending a lot of time on updating. I'll try to do updating lateer if I get the time. This is Smithy. Also the more who sign the guestbook can get bios of what they want and your favorite character well go to the survey near the bottom of the page

11-19-98: I know a lot of you have e-mailed me asking request or may have not responded to you signing to my guest. Well I have been busy and have not been geting a lot of time on the Internet. If I haven't granted yours requests [like asking me to put your site linked to mine] then please e-mail me back and I should do that

11-15-98: I got a Club website in now. It's gonna have battle methods like Super Mario RPG, there's shops, there's newsletter, and missions. Go at Exor's club for more information.

11-14-98: Got a vote selection of our favorite character so start signing the guest book. Also the 50th person to sign my guest will get two votes in for hs favorite character. Also planning a new battle and there will be a shop concerning it. Later updates may be made later.

11-10-98: Should be info on Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Hero from Sirius and Nitros

11-5-98: More bios [got Busby in]

10-16-98: More Space ships bios and such

10-10-98: More updating on the space ships that I did and will be doing through out the day. More might come up today too. Got a boardroom

10-9-98: Added a new bio and another spaceship [Blade]

10-4-98: New story at Smelter's stories [Smithy Gang History] and more SCG Space ships

10-2-98: New bios and a new section after it called the SCG space ships

Exor's Club [Battles, missions, shops, newsletter and more]

Smithy and Croco's Cool Cases

The Cool Bios of of poeple on SMRPG, SG [ Smithy Gang ], Bomberman [N64], Busby, Star Fox, and Mario

The Cool Space Ships That They Use

The Bases they have

The History and the Cool stories that has been downloaded to Smelter so he can tell you

Gunyolk's Message Board

Game Shark Codes

MACK'S SECRETS. Mack and his Shysters have found some secrets in the SMRPG world

First go to Bean Valley. When you reach the 5 Chewys that Shy Away is watering, wait for Shy Away to water the top one then defeat it then go down the pipe. Go by the Golden Chomp Chomp (It will be easier if you defeat it) Go by the corner of the wall (Where the Golden Chomp Chomp is/was) and start jumping until a block appears. Go on it and there is the exit on top. You will be at the map screen accept the casino will be on the side of you. You neeed the Bright Card to get in)Go to Booster Tower then keep going up until you see the Knife Guy (Clown juggling balls).You have to beat his game about 12 times and he will decrease your points every time you lose. The easiest way to do this is to save your game on the save block in the next room. Every time you win save. Anytime you lose reset the game and you can start where you left off. Now here's a secret. If you talk to the Grate Guy (The clown in pink) a couple of times he will let you play his game. Beat his game 100 times (and he will not decrease points if you lose) he will give you a Star Egg which will take 100 HP from each  enemy and you can use it as many times as you want.

Go to Molville and by the fireworks and trade them at the little girl's shop for the shiny stone. Then go to Monstro town and go to the locked and push the A button. The shiny stone will react and you can get in. The easiest way to beat him and you can do it at level 14 is to equip the Princess with the Lazy Shell armor and just wait for the enemies to run out of FP while healing yourself then get your allies alive and concentrate all attacks on Culex. His crystals will have no effect when they run out of FP and they will automatically disapper once you get rid of Culex. When you beat him you will get a huge amount of Exp. points and you will get the Quartz Charm which will prevent instant death and raise your Attack, Defense and Magic Attack and Defense by 50%!

At the end of the Sunken Ship before you fight the pirates go behind the barrels and there is a door. Go inside and there is a treasure box with the Safety Ring in it which will protect you from all spells, fire, ice, thunder, and fatal attacks! To get the safety badge beat Hidon the wvil treasure box and his four Goombettes. It is best to defeat the Goombettes with Bowser, defeat Hidon with Mario's Super Jump and to save the Princess for healing. When she's not healing keep her in defense. After beating them hidon will give up the Safety Badge which protects the wearer from all spells and raises defense and magic defense by 5.
(Remember that Bowser should leave one Goombette because once they all die, four more comes.)
THE HIDDEN CHARACTERS: There are two characters in the game that do not belong to the Mario group, they are Link and Samus Aran. You can see Link at Rose town by sleeping at the Inn. Not when the town is kidnapped how ever.Samus Aran you can only see when you get to Monstro Town. But when you reach Nimbus Land you can;t see him anymore. Between those times he is located at the town of Mushroom Kingdom in the castle at guest room. [The room near the vault]

SIRUIS'S HINTS: Now for hints from a major enemy of Bomberman 64

Get all the gold cards from the last levels
MORE MULTIPLAYER BATTLE FIELDS: There is two ways to do this [without the gameshark]. The first way is to get access to Rainbow palace. The other way is to press start real fast at main menu. An easier way to do that is to get a controller with a slow motion option. Basically, the slow motion option is the start button being active repeatidly and very fast.

BOWYER'S LINKS: Let Bowyer's Arrows point you to these cool links

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THE AXEM RANGERS GUESTBOOK. We are the AXEM Rangers. Please sign our guestbook!

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Favorite Nintendo character [select at signing guestbook]:

Smithy: 3
Croco: 3
Busby: 1
Axem Pink: 1
Culex: 2
Belome: 2
Bowser: 3
Booster: 1
Bundt: 1
Chef Torte: 1
Pyrosphere: 1
Lemmy Koopa: 1
Goomba: 1
Glum Goomba: 1
Hammer Brothers: 2
Geno: 7
Axem Rangers: 1
Yoshi: 2
Yaridovich: 2
King Calamari: 1
Super Mario: 3
Larry Koopa: 1
Valentina: 2
Iggy Koopa: 1
Mallow: 1
Smelter: 1
Jonathon Jones: 2
Snifit: 1
Shyguy: 1
Dry Bones: 1
Shy Ranger: 1
Boshi: 1
Bloober: 1
Luigi: 1
Yaridovich: 1
Star Fox: 1
Winner so far: Geno with 7 votes

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