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Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of America

New Works: Photography by Ken Levy

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Ken Levy: Artist's Statement
Exhibits & News of Note 

       As a semi-retired community photojournalist, I'm spending more time discovering and expressing my strongest emotions, and evolving beliefs, through photography.
       My inspiration is triggered by the myriad ways the world (mis)treats itself, and my art explores how deeply that impacts me and those I love. My ongoing work, "Art Down 45," is a visual analogy, a symbolic compilation speaking to the callousness, fear and frustration we see mounting every day. Images run from the macabre to the mysterious, in the field and in the studio, reflecting my photo-documentary style, demanding an actual answer to…WTF? (
Warning: This page contains images which may be disturbing to some).

              At right: Big Brother is watching

       While my barn photographs explore a disappearing legacy, the balance of my work goes far beyond found-object captures or travel images. My depictions carry layers of deep emotion and beliefs, expressed in subtle yet intricate detail. From power and peace to mystery and the macabre, my work reflects inner discovery and outer nuance. New works appear frequently.
        I specialize in on-location photography and editorial packages telling the stories of the West, for magazines, news outlets, non-profits and businesses. Contact me for more details about my services and work.

Ken Levy's
Photo Exhibits &
News of Note
images & content © Ken Levy

Barnwood and Metal: New exhibit at new Blue Sky! Blue Sky Bagels has opened a fourth location, and we were graciously invited to exhibit our work on their new walls. This new exhibit features about 20 images, with most framed in antique barnwood to match the store's barnwood motif. We're also showing a few photos printed on gorgeous metals that offer unparalleled beauty in their crisp, sharp details and color. The new store, at 5517 W. State St. in Boise, features Blue Sky's famous and delicious bagels with all the fixings, soups and much more.

           At right: Sunrise over the Little City


Fresh bagels, new exhibits: Take a close look at my 50+ images on exhibit at Blue Sky Bagels' four locations in the Treasure Valley.

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At left: Forest Sunset, Kalaloch, Washington


New Photography page updated: Travel with us as we visit  Washington’s famed Olympic National Park, the breathtaking Central Oregon Coast and majestic splendor of Idaho. You can find magnificent images from these memorable journeys and more at New Works: Photography, which is updated regularly.

           At right: Dalby Creek Waterwheel


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Your purchase helps feed the hungry! We donate 20% of all image sales to the Idaho Foodbank.

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At left: Fish Hook Creek, Idaho


New Blog:

We’re traveling the countryside to bring you travel tales and photos of people and places where good works and interesting stories are helping us understand one another better. Updated regularly at

     At right: Fall Cove Serenity, Alton Bay, New Hampshire

Sunset of Man:

The newest works of this ongoing black and white photo project are up at Blue Sky Bagel's downtown Boise restaurant. "Sunset of Man" explores the irony of our fondest desires blended with our innermost fears.

At left: Escape

Kids' Corner Photos update:

  We're enhancing our photo exhibit designed especially for kids at the Blue Sky Bagel restaurant at 3161 Fairview Ave., Meridian, ID. "Kid's Corner" features photographs of  beautiful and unusual animals, old-time trains, whitewater rafting adventures and more.

            At right: Expectations: After the Storm


More Barn Photos:  

The latest updates of the photo-documentary Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of America are  live

Own a piece of Americana with these fine images. We'll donate 20% of your purchase to the Idaho Foodbank and pay your shipping and sales tax.

At left: Sheep Shack



Barn Photo Book Out:

Noted author Bob Crittendon has  published a marvelous book on ancient barns. Barn in the U.S.A. features more than 15 of our barn photographs - many with brief histories - from our photo- documentary, Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of America.

It's a fine look at the vanishing old barns that once were icons of the American countryside. You can order the book through Barnes and Noble here.

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Tear Sheets | Testimonials | Artist's Statement
Collector's Editions | Exhibits & News of Note
Disappearing Legacy: Old Barns of America
New Works: Photography by Ken Levy