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Noesis Creation

Noesis Creation -- support for Users of computers of long ago

Noesis Creation:

Archaic Computer is where we reminisce the future.
The Archaic Archive!
NC Online news.
The Now Closed Antique Computer Store
noesis0's Legacy Post Xone! For those interested in sharing their opinions. ;)
Fall '97 COMDEX Report!
Mega Linkage! {Just some of my favs!}

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dieHard Back Issues!!!!
The Archaic Computer Gallery where we see the past. Home of the Dee El!
Angelfire - Easiest Free Home Pages

NC turns this year.

Just Some of the Computers Noesis Creation Supports:

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What is Noesis Creation?

Noesis Creation used to be just me. But over the months it has grown. I'd like to thank John T Maguire who has helped me out on many occasions as well as the many others who have emailed info to this site over the years.

After dieHard vanished from the face of the magazine stands and the post, I found myself starting over again. I searched the world high and wide for a part-time telecommuting position, while writing Shareware. I even started writing a book. I was still supporting the computers I love most through TV/BUG's Bug Bytes and ABUG's Home Computer News. I posted Shareware under noesis0 on places like Delphi, CompuServe, and many BBSs.

Finally, I decided to accept my retirement. I became a full- time- stay- at- home- Daddy all over again with many new additions to the family. I now have nine children (who this year, will be): Antony (), Natasha (), Octavia (), Anastasia (), Victoria (), Isaiah (), Xavier (), Sophia () and Magdalena ().

Things change.

Life took a large change after my Mom passed. I am now a raw milk dairy farmer. We have a cow named Clarabelle. She is a Jersey. We also have loads of free range chickens and a cat named Isotope!

This site is an attempt to offer support to those who have longed for those amusing anecdotes and slight insights I have offered over the years through various publications, but have lost track of them one way or another, as well as those who seek help with computers of long ago.

The Q & A section under Archaic Computer is a place to pose questions concerning those computers of the long ago. It is a pseudo-open forum where questions and answers can be sent for posting.

My softs are in the Noesis Creationsofts area.

Archaic Computer covers a wide variety of subjects from product reviews to stories from the computer industry annals. There is also a sprinking of other tech, including once new tech as tablets, and cameras.

The Antique Computer Store used to feature Antique computers, and related items for those who missed out on a great era or just wanted to have a great old machine. Unfortuneately time caught up with the project and it slowly slid to a stop and after several years of inactivity, I donated the machines, books and softs (along with all the TVBUG & ABUG stuff) to the Reuseam in Garden City, Idaho.

There is even a news area for announcements from the long ago and the here and now.

This site proves that "commodore does not equal commodore," in that everything is seen from the USA point of view. Machines, like the 264, that didn't make it in the US, may have appeared in other parts of the World. So keep that in mind when an article says something did or didn't happen.

I hope you enjoy this site as it grows over the weeks, months and years to come.

Noesis Creation supports users of ALL commodore 8-bits, Amiga, CDTV, Atari ST, ALL Atari 8-bits (including the 600XL), Epson Geneva PX-8, Timex Sinclair, and many other old computers.

If you have an old computer that needs a new home: please don't throw old computers away! Working and non-working alike. NC is dedicated to preserving our computer heritage.

How to Contribute.

If you believe as I and want to share things,
Noesis Creation is a place to do it.
You can email me at

Thank You!

I'd like to thank John Maguire for the Wang Professional Workstation! Not only can one laugh one's head off from the conversations that pop up over this thing, it is a really, really cool old machine! John, may you rest in peace -- you are missed.

I'd like to thank A O Black, for the Micro 80 Magazines and the Polaroid Palette.

Thanks to Paul Slingbaum for the PX-8

Thank you, Tony Fernandez for the mother boards and the IBM Laptop.

Thanks go to Dan Barrera, Duane Forte, Al Hale, and Roy Crosthwaite for many, many contributions over the years.

Thanks to the many who have contributed over the years, who's name elude me now (see AC and Q & A postings -- they may appear there :)

Member of Commodore Ring

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Want to join the ring?

The Commodore Ring is a wonderful concept and Noesis Creation is proud to be a part of it. While NC supports many other computers, my heart and soul reside within the commodore 8-bit machines. These machines have a magic to them, that is something that may be hard for some to grasp -- long live the lower case c machines! Be sure to check out the neighbours to this site as well as other ring sites!

Whats left of The Amiga Web Directory....

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