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This section is about the legendary Mopars of the past. Mopar's have been in several films and TV shows all over the world. Mopar played a major role in the horsepower wars of the 50's by releasing the first car with 300HP. This car was the 1955 Chrysler C-300. I'll be writing articles about the legendary Mopars ever so often. If you have anything you want to add to this section just E-mail me to let me know. I hope you enjoy this section!

These are the articles I wrote:

  • Mopar... The Legend Continues
    In March of 2000, This article appeared in Issue 12 of THE SENTINEL. I went though the history of Mopar and the Hemi motors. I also gave some interesting details about the Hemi 'Cudas that were featured in the Phantasm series!

  • Elephant Cars
    All you need to know to spot a fake Hemi car, or to build a Hemi replicar of your own!

  • 528 cubic-inch Hemi Crate motor
    This article is about the new 300 mph 528 cubic-inch Hemi Crate motor. Check out the records Dave Dozer pulled off with the new Hemi.

  • FOUND: The First Hemi 'Cuda!!!!
    This article is about the very first Hemi 'Cuda ever made!!!! This 'Cuda is all original with low miles and other surprises with it.

  • 1971 Dodge Challenger T/A????
    Did Chrysler really make a 1971 Challenger T/A? This article has proof that Chrysler did make T/A's for 1971. What happened to them?

    These are great articles I found in magazines:

  • Phantasm II's Evil Black 'Cuda
    View the sinister musclecar which strikes fear into the heart of the Tall Man!! This article was excerpted from Mopar Collectors Guide.

  • Phantasm III's Wild Stunt 'Cuda
    Meet the ground-pounding star car with that massive Hemi 426 engine!! This article was excerpted from High Performance Mopar Magazine.

  • Behind the scenes of the movie Vanishing Point
    Check out this article which appeared in Muscle Car Review magazine. This article was excerpted from the March 1986 issue. Barry Newman and Carey Loftin are being interviewed in this article.

  • Vanishing Point Challengers; Where are they now?
    This article (scan) appeared in a recent issue of Mopar Collectors Guide. This tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the Vanishing Point Challengers such as: Where are they now, How many were used, What size engines they had, etc.

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