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My Dog Cartoon Character, Here are the stills, Animation coming
My Dino Cartoon Character
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Some 3D Models available for download
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A future addition
A future addition
A future addition

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04/08/99 NEW WEB SITE on a new server with a little more room for animations...

30/04/99 Click on the Penguin image to open a 15 sec Quicktime 3.0 animation (530KB) (requires Javascript).

- I entered a competition called Renderama. Basically we had 8 hours to create 15 seconds of animation using either Lightwave 3D or 3DSMAX. This Penguin animation is derived from the one I did in the competition. I spent about 6 hours, modeling and animating, But here, I've redone the animation, adding a few more hours to the time it took... I'll put the details on a separate page, when I get some more time, here's a link to the QANTM site, where you can find out more about Renderama, check out past results and info about those that entered.

17/03/99 - Click HERE for some quick pics of work in progress - a long way to go yet, but thought I'd throw it up anyway... Go to the "Creatures" section for more info.

14/03/99 - Removed the old Space section of the gallery, as the pics I had in there were very old... so it won't be back until I do some new space stuff (may be a while ;) ... The Dragon section also went, but was replaced by the Creature gallery - this is where the new creature I'm working on will be going (along with the other creatures I make), currently the old Dragon wireframe is still there.

20/02/99 - Finally Some New Pics - from one of our TV commercials.

13/02/99 - I've also removed the password from my 3D MODELS section, which contains a few (with more to come) of my 3D models I have created - FREE to download.

15/01/99 - The TIPS and TRICKS section currently contains only one tutorial/tip of my own for Lightwave 3D. I'll be putting up a new one (about using IK on texture maps and why) when I have time... (with maybe some 3DSMAX and SOFT3D tips in the future).

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