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Christmas Illumination lights display near Roppongi Hills complex, December 23 2005
Christmas Illumination lights display near Roppongi Hills
Roppongi Hills Christmas Illumination 2005
Roppongi Hills Illumination and Christmas decorations Xmas 2005
Roppongi Hills near Christmas 2005
Roppongi Hills Tokyo Christmas Illumination

r o p p o n g i ... c h r i s t m a s

Christmas Illumination ---- On December 23 2005 I visited Roppongi Hills in Tokyo to partake in its glorious and celebrated Illumination -- basically a Christmas decoration display. As someone who used to knock Christmas in Japan as being somewhat tacky and token, I was impressed by the display at Roppongi Hills. It helps that the Roppongi Hills development is itself very impressive -- so modern it is postmodern, and located in one of the most lively parts of town. Inside Roppongi Hills, it is all mock Classical stonework and high end fashion boutiques and little nooks and crannies selling the latest in Italian and Danish design. Outside, the view is one of futuristic towers and green and blue glass cubes and seas of neon signs. For architecture freaks, this place can't be beaten!

That said, the Christmas 2005 Illumination was beautiful in its own right, with bare and severely pruned Japanese trees (such as the ubiqitious ginkgo, all strung up with lights which alternated from arctic blue to festive yellow and passionate red. Chie and I took in a lighting exhibition which included a work by my friend Yoshiji Baba. We watched a traditional Irish concert under the cold stars. We finished the night at a nearby Thai restaurant (AngTong). All in all a very decent night out.

For more decent photos of the Roppongi Xmas 2005 Illumination than this blurry keitai gallery, click here.

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