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Tokyo Architecture


The beautiful serene blue Toyota Amlux Showroom at Ikebukuro, near Sunshine Tower
Toyota Amlux Showroom -- Ikebukuro Shinagawa Port City
Shinagawa Port City
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower
Night View from Roppongi Hills Tower Typical Japanese suburban architecture
Apartment block, Kameido Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Ueno, DownTown Tokyo
Shinjuku street near Kabukicho
Shinjuku street aesthetics Disney Castle, Maihama
Disney Castle, Maihama Tokyo Tower, as seen from Roppongi Hills Tower
Tokyo Tower Viral Tubes, near Landmark Tower, Yokohama
Viral Tubes, Yokohama Yokohama View With Baseball Stadium
Yokohama View


The 70s Never Died, It Just Smells That Way
The 70s Never Died, It Just Smells That Way Terrorism in the 00s -- EgyptAir
EgyptAir America disintegrates in the sands of the Middle East -- Israel with it!

POSITIVE PROOF -- Feng Shui Really Works

For the past year I have been prevented from travelling overseas due to financial problems, and locked into a cycle of having to find work on a daily basis to sustain myself. At first I welcomed the anarchistic connotations of becoming once again a "hunter/gatherer", freed from the constraints of indentured labor, but to be honest, it has developed into a monotonous, bitter-sweet trap just as mind-numbing as the office working trap. For the past year I have had enough money, on a daily basis, to get by, from teaching English to various Japanese people, but not enough to save for the future, or purchase expensive one-off items, including an airline ticket. For a natural born traveller like myself, this has created an enormous sense of tedium in my life -- a feeling of being trapped, and endlessly repeating the same cycle. However, in the past two months or so, starting in June/July 2004, I began delving into the secrets of Feng Shui. I threw away an old clock on the assumption that it represented "blocked time". I also made a few -- MINOR - -adjustments to my house. I threw away a few pieces of old rubbish, put some windchimes and tripiclate Chinese coins in various strategic corners, and I developed this Feng Shui website. But from these efforts, seemingly major changes have already resulted -- as if a dream became real! Suddenly, instead of feeling locked into an eternal drama of poverty, of repeating the same stale story day after day, I have something to look forward to! Time has started moving forward again, into new experiences! For example, earlier this week my parents called me to say they want to take me on a free holiday around Australia. 4000 kilometres by car -- all through the north of Australia, through the wild country where there are crocodiles and Aborigines living. It will be like a safari! And I don't have to pay any money at all. So, it is a perfect holiday for me, and it will be great to get out of Tokyo for a while. On my way back to Japan on September 23/24, I will be stopping at Taipei in Taiwan for one night. I just found out that my friend will be on the same flight as me back to Japan, and we will also be staying at the same hotel. So, it is an amazing coincidence. How could such a coincidence have happened? What are the chances of that happening? I think it is due Feng Shui. My minor improvements to the Feng Shui of my home and life has resulted in an ever-escalating outrush of old, stagnated Chi. I can expect my life to change in unimaginable ways in the coming weeks and months! I welcome the change!

FENG SHUI AND THE BIG BROTHER SERIES Lovers of the Orwellian TV program "Big Brother", viewed in many countries, might be surprised to know that Feng Shui is used extensively to create on-air tension. In the program, ten strangers are forced to live three months under 24-hour surveillance in a bare-basics, 1,800 square foot house. The idea is to provoke arguments and disharmony (because that makes such great television). In order to stir up trouble, designers who created the house for the American version of the show drew upon Feng Shui. Here is the catch: they deliberatly used BAD Feng Shui to create strife and ill feelings. To read more and learn the destructive power of bad Feng Shui, read this article.
THE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS This might run against the accepted Feng Shui logic, but it is my personal observation -- once you find a method of magically altering your surroundings and life situations, one that WORKS EVERY TIME, you can only use it for a limited period before it runs out of power. Magic is possible in real life, I have found, but only for a short time. Then that magical ability disappears, and you have to find a new method. Why is this so? I have no idea. In his essay RADICAL THOUGHT French sociologist Jean Baudrillard claims that "reality is a bitch" -- "Reality (also) gets its revenge from those who challenge it by, paradoxically, proving that they are right. Whenever any risky idea, any cynical or critical hypothesis proves to be right, it in fact turns out to be a dirty trick. You are fooled and disarmed. Your arguments are lamentably confirmed by a reality without scruples." In other words, often Feng Shui principles work, and can generate you money or love or luck. However, Reality may be playing a trick on you -- that magical, mystical power you have just discovered may be nothing but a "dirty trick". And as soon as you become complacent about the magical Feng Shui powers you have acquired, Reality pulls the carpet out from under your feet, and you fall shamefully to the floor. This is especially true if you tell your friends that you have discovered that merely by hanging a couple of coins in your bedroom, you can become rich. Reality likes nothing better than to make an ass of you! So, don't grow too complacent about the powers of Feng Shui, and don't brag about it to other people. If you have success, keep to it yourself. Don't trust Reality, even if it is giving you what you want (for now, at least). It might have another agenda -- to make a fool of you, and perpetuate its own mysteriousness in the process. Nonetheless, I think it is possible to outsmart Reality, keep one step ahead of it, such that you keep exploiting the powers of Magic which I am sure exists, without being regularly humiliated in front of your peers. As this website develops, I will share my experiences on how you can do this, and make Reality work for you!

Contact the author Rob Sullivan at coderot@gmail.com. Anticopyright February 2005/July 2004.

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