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4 -- t h e ..m i d d l e .. f i n g e r

What the Middle Finger Means ---- If the index finger can be considered the finger of power and ego, then the middle finger is the finger of discipline and balance. While the index finger pushes us on to actualize our dreams and manifest our goals, the middle finger acts as a brake -- as a sobering influence, as the voice of caution and responsibility. Yes, you guessed it -- the middle finger is ruled by Saturn, the stern but wise old king of karma and cosmic justice. If you want to see the central role the middle finger plays in our lives, just look at its position in your own hand. That's right, it is right in the middle of your hand -- or it should be, reflecting the role of balance this finger plays in our lives. It is also the longest finger and gives our hands a beautiful symmetry. If the middle finger is not the longest finger on your hand (or the hand of the person you are palm-reading), that is very significant -- there will be more specific details of this later in the article.

Discipline and Balance ---- You read that right, the middle finger represents the ego and ambition. This finger is said to be ruled by Saturn. Now, when interpreting what a particular middle finger is trying to tell us, there are many factors needed to be taken into account -- that is a general rule in Palmistry and any kind of fortune telling I'm afraid! When it comes to the middle finger, you can glean information from the position of the said finger, the length, and the size. You can also get information from comparisons between the person's middle finger, and the other fingers on the hand. The following information has largely been culled from a copy of Comte C. De Saint-Germain's classic The Study of Palmistry, which I dug up in one of Mumbai's fabulous book shops, the last time I was on the SubContinent.

Middle Finger Finger Position ---- Generally, fingers set evenly on a line above the mounts are said to indicate success. An absolutely even line is very seldom met with, and would not be considered either natural or pretty.

There is a general rule which says that any finger set below the others loses some of its power. However, it is extremely rare for the middle finger to be displaced below the other fingers, due to its central position in the hand.

A more helpful method of interpreting the middle finger is to see if it leans one way or the other. Perhaps you have seen or you have for yourself a finger which leans one way or the other? There is meaning in this, just as there is a meaning in every aspect of Palmistry. Let me tell you what that meaning is!

If the middle finger leans towards the index finger, this indicates a superstitious sadness. If the middle finger leans towards the ring finger, however, less morbidity is indicated.

Yet more information can be gained by reading the size of the gaps which exist between the bases of the fingers. For example, a pronounced gap between the index finger and the middle finger (wide enough to let the light through when the fingers are closed) indicates independence of thought. A gap between the middle finger and the ring finger shows a happy-go-lucky attitude towards life and tomorrow.

If all of the fingers fall apart easily, this indicates unconventionality. On the other hand, if they all stick close together most of the time, a stiffness in intercourse with others is shown.
Size of the Middle Finger ---- Having given some general parameters for how the size of fingers influences personality in a previous article (click here if you missed it!), let's get more specific. What does it mean to have a big or small middle finger? It's all a question of comparison with the other fingers.

As the esteemed Comte C. De Saint-Germain says:

Middle Finger in fair proportion to other fingers. . . If the middle finger is in fair proportion to the other fingers, and not abnormally long or unusually short, this is a sign of prudence.

Too long. . . If by contrast hand the middle finger is too long, the individual concerned will exhibit a morbid disposition (especially if the said finger is also flat.

Too short. . . What does it means if the middle finger is too short? Well, frivolity is the result.

Crooked middle finger. . . According to Comte C. De Saint-Germain, hysteria and murderous instincts are indicated here.

Healthy middle finger size. . . A balanced ego is indicated when the index finger (also known as the forefinger) reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

If your middle finger is shorter than your index finger. . . A bad sign here! The spirit is domineering, almost insane.

Index finger equals middle finger. . . If your index finger is the same length as your middle finger, you have a love of power. This type of index finger has been called the Napoleon index.

Middle finger much longer than index finger. . . Timidity. The individual is reticient in everything they do. reports the following wisdom: "A lack of confidence is indicated when the fore finger (index finger) doesn't reach past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.)

Middle finger much longer than ring finger. . . Blocked emotions are indicated when the ring finger doesn't reach past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger.

Overly prominent middle finger. . . When the middle finger is prominent, standing out from the rest, it shows a serious and intense nature.

Index finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger. . . Balanced ego.

Index finger reaches past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger. . . Great confidence.

Ring finger reaches the bottom of the nail of the middle finger. . . Balanced emotions.

Ring finger reaches past the bottom of the nail of the middle finger. . . Very emotional and creative impulses indicated.

Middle Finger Shape ---- The shape of your middle finger has a lot to say about your personality. In a previous chapter we discussed how the general shape of the finger tips influence (or reflect) personality (click here if you missed it, or can't remember it!) In this article, let's get more specific, and consider the case of the middle finger in isolation. Keep in mind that if the middle finger is shaped differently than the other fingers, this is obviously significant.

Pointed middle fingers. . . If the tip of the middle finger is pointed, a morbid fear of the supernatural world is indicated.

Conical middle fingers. . . If the tip of the middle finger is conical, it shows a healthy belief in religion.

Square middle fingers. . . If the tip of the middle finger is square, the individual concerned will be very prudent.

Spatulate middle fingers. . . If the tip of the middle finger is spatulate, an exaggerated love of busyness and activity can be discerned.

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