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ONLY an hour from Sydney by air, the Fivebough Swamp at Leeton is a World Heritage listed and Ramsar site. Local Wiradjuri people used to walk from the river to the hills near Griffith, and the picnic ground at the swamp, Budyaan Baamirra is named after the Wiradjuri word for "bird". prehistoric wildlife now extinct in the rest of the world, Carnarvon Gorge goes one step further. , and are unusual even by Australian standards. Many of these specimens are relics from a time, millions of years ago, when Australia was a cooler, wetter place. They combine to give the Gorge a tropical, somewhat Asian appearance, in lush contrast to the surrounding arid plains. As well as miles upon miles of excellent trekking paths, moist valleys and rugged ranges, all contained within a 280,000 hectare national park, Carnarvon Gorge also features two ancient Aboriginal art galleries.