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Our mission:

To promote the sport of pickleball as an active, healthy, fun game for all ages.

Fran Myer started Pickleball Stuff in 1999. It began as an information site to promote the sport of pickleball and grew to include all the features you see on the site today. Fran is a graduate of the University of Washington. She also worked there as a fiscal specialist at the UW Botanic Gardens Center for Urban Horticulture until her retirement in 2006. In her spare time, she plays as much pickleball as she can, manages the Pickleball Stuff business and updates the web site. In 2009 she won gold in the USAPA National Tournament Mixed Doubles 19+ Age Group with Jagan Subhas. She is past secretary of the USAPA, current Vice President and on the Executive Board of the USAPA. Fran's been playing pickleball since 1987 after having back surgery. She says this is a great sport and she has more energy now than she has ever had. "Everyone should play this game! It really keeps you young!" She and her husband have also refereed at tournaments in WA, OR, UT, AZ, NY and RI. They are past commissioners for the Greater Seattle Senior Games, Northwest Senior Games and the Washington State Senior Games for 8 years. Fran also assisted in putting on the USAPA National Tournament in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
Barney Myer is the co-owner of Pickleball Stuff. Barney is a graduate of both Washington State University (Bachelor's degree in Architecture) and the University of Washington (Master's degree in Urban Planning) . He is a retired planner for SeaTac Airport where he worked until 2005 and where he was known as Mr. Pickleball. Barney began playing pickleball in 1986. Prior to pickleball, he played a lot of raquetball. He is a two-time West Coast Pickleball Champion in Men's "A" Division doubles. Barney is the former Tournaments Chair and Board Member of the USAPA. He was the Tournament Director for the first USAPA National Tournament in 2009. In 2010, Barney was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy), a neurodegenerative disease. Although no longer able to play, pickleball kept him in good physical shape prior to his diagnosis. His lifelong discipline of exercise and good diet have helped to slow the progression of this disease. He says to keep playing and exercising to stay fit and maintain good health!
Ed Myer takes care of business when Fran and Barney are out and about promoting pickleball and playing in tournaments. Ed is a physician in family medicine in the Seattle area. He and Barney grew up in Mexico where their father was a US-trained physician working in the missionary field. He instilled in them the importance of maintaining good health and staying active. They will tell you that pickleball is a great sport for active people of all ages.
Bob is the Pickleball Stuff office manager. She monitors phone calls, makes sure we file papers in the right folders, and tries to supply calling cards for all our customers. Her main duties are to shred old documents and chew on the paddles. Her favorite ones are the wood ones, but she also really likes the plastic edging on the composites. If anyone would like a Bob "signature" paddle, just let us know. We don't charge any extra. If you can guess what kind of animal Bob is, she'll give you a $1.00 discount on your next order. (Only one discount per customer!)

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