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Ivanova & Talia Page


Hi thanks for dropping by. This is my little place in alternative space for fan fiction involving Commander Susan Ivanova late of Earth Force and Talia Winters late of the Psi Corps!.

You'd be surprised how many great stories there are around that deal with the two on more intimate terms than was allowed to be explored on Babylon 5, or perhaps you wouldn't be. Needless to say in my travels I have several that rate a mention so I've decided to collect them together on the same shelf so they can be read whenever the mood strikes you. A brief word of warning though, these stories deal with the adult nature of the two women's feelings for the other, sometimes in explicit detail so consider this your only warning.

Last but not least I have collected these stories and images from all over the place. I have not intended to infringe on anyone's copyright or pretend that the characters are my own creation, got that, its all for fun and no profit is made.


Last Updated: 12th February 2000- One new story added to the fan fiction page.

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