Weclome to a bit of History! I wrote the following stories over a period of four years starting in mid 1999 and completing the last (to date) in 2002. All of the stories would be considered dark, so only read them if you are clear you're comfortable with the subject matter. If you want to know a little about why I wrote each of these stories, then check out the FAQ page I am constantly expanding. You should find at least some of the answers to your questions there.

Also, If you like what you read, let me know, feed back; contructive or just plan smutty feeds my muse as much as beautiful women, cold beer and pizza. Needless to say, flames will be totally ignored and get your email blocked.

Last but not least, during the time of writing I used the services of a wonderful woman named MoonShadow to beta all the stories so they didn't sound half as bad. If you're thinking something here is good, then the praise you offer should also at least in part, be hers to share.

Fan Fiction


Extreme sexual violence warning - For a long time Gabrielle has kept the truth about how she lost her virginity concealed. But when Xena's learns what the nightmares that have plagued her love for years actually mean, it may also mean the end of their relationship.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

- Total download is approx 180k

THE PRICE OF SILENCE Inferred Con. S/m A short piece showing Xena the ex-warlord needing to find alternative ways of burning off some battle lust. - download is approx. 20k.


Sequel to The Price Of Silence. What actually happened between Xena and her pay for play purchase. Explicit portrayal of consensual S/m -download is approx. 29k.

DELIBERATE STRANGER High angst warning - Gabrielle must come to terms with accepting there are still certain things that she and Xena can't talk about when she inadvertedly meets Arnise. - Third in the series. Download is approx 28k.

SECRETS & LIES Xena's secret is finally revealed. But will either the warrior princess or her bard be up to the challenge?Moderate S/m Warning - Download is approx 32k

SURRENDER Loaded 23rd May 2001 Xena must learn to live with the demons of her past. {Concluding chapter in this series} High Sexual Violence Warning

CHATTEL Set in the alternative world of Armageddon II. A woman reflects on how she came to meet and become the property of Xena; the Conqueror. Download is approx 20k.

THRALL The unexpected sequel to "Chattel" Also told POV. This time through the eyes of the Conqueror herself. Download approx 23 k.

EVER AFTER Third installment to the Conqueror series. Following on from "Chattel" & "Thrall" told in the third person. How much does time really change anything. - Download is approx 43k


Loaded on the 19th of July 2001. First offering from a new project; The Conqueror's Property Series. Posted on the 19th of July 2001.
Download is approx 25k


Loaded on the 25th July 2002. Second offering from ; The Conqueror's Property Series. The events of "Emergence" told through Xena's eyes. Download is approx 36k

ZERO TOLERANCE "KITD". Pent up, pissed off ex warlord on the loose. Explicit girl on girl on girl action to follow. Adult language used throughout.High Sexual Violence Warning - Download is approx 32k


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