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This site will no longer be updated! However for interest sake I am leaving the stories etc up and available for continued reading.

Please read the following information before you trek through this site. Not only does "Suspended Belief" deal exclusively with woman to woman loving there are other concepts which may not be to your particular taste...

First, make no mistake, the stories and poetry contained within these pages are NOT for saints, children or those diagnosed with high blood pressure. Dark is a word that can mean many things.....but here it includes themes which are not for everyone.

First and foremost: Gabrielle and Xena belong to MCA/Universal Pictures. It is not my intention to gain profit from the use of their names or images or to benefit in any other way from their appearance.

All these stories assume that Xena and Gabrielle love each other with a passion, that may not always be expressed sexually, but there is a high chance of it. Expect explicit descriptions of them acting on that love with each other or on occasions with any other character I or Universal dream up.

Buffy Willow, Tara, Kennedy etc, belong to Joss Wheldon and Mutant Enemy. Like wise with the not intending to steal disclaimer. Oh and in the perfect world they'd be interacting a whole lot more on the horizontal with eachother than one would expect. Don't read them if you are uncomfortable seeing women get it on with each other.

A couple of the stories or poetry here may also contain depictions of rape between two or more women. Portrayals of consensual S & M and or B & D are bound to pop up from time to time too. If you think women bringing each other pleasure in this way is wrong or it just doesn't float your boat, crank your wheel or even conjure a slight sweat, leave through the closest exit. I am not offended by anybody elses choice and sure don't want them offended by mine. Read my faq page if you want a bit more of an understadning where I got such twisted ideas from in the first place.

At least in the case of my Xena stories; violence and the Warrior Princess seem to go together like a fast horse and a chariot. Expect it too, spread proportionately throughout.

All the work here is copyright Dark Angel. Please don't get with the pinching unless it involves my right bum cheek. Hell has no fury like an Angel finding out someone has liked her worked sooo much they've copied it. There really isn't anything complimentry about stealing, it just shows how lazy the other person is.