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Applied Industrial Technology


    Industrial Technology has become more complex over the last decade.  It now requires knowledge in multiple technologies.   Even if you are only responsible for one technology, you must understand how the others affect you as a skilled worker.  This website will allow the industrial technology worker to examine how and why   Electrical,  PLC,   Pneumatic, and  Hydraulic Technologies work independently, and how they interact as combined technologies in modern automated manufacturing. 

     The rationale for this website is to make pertinent technology information available to personnel responsible for developing and maintaining manufacturing processes.  Many older workers who learned a trade or profession twenty to thirty years ago, struggle adapting to the changing work environment. New employees entering the workforce are overwhelmed by the complexity of modern automated manufacturing.  By breaking the process down to the basics, you simplify a very complex system allowing the learner to visually connect to each type of individual technology , thus reducing the magnitude of the process. 

   The objective of this website is to give industrial technology workers a place away from the hectic work environment where learning can be accomplished without the pressure of the production schedule, and a place where the industrial technology worker can learn at his or her own pace.  The idea was to target apprentices, new learners, skilled workers, technologists, and engineers who need to upgrade their skills in modern automated manufacturing. The most important goal is to make this website a place where accurate information and visual instruction make learning enjoyable and not a task. The website was designed to teach new skills to industrial technology workers in the following areas:


  •           Electrical Technology

  •           Program Logic Control Technology

  •           Pneumatics Technology

  •           Hydraulics Technology


   This website will demonstrate how these four industrial technologies are integrated into an automated manufacturing process, and how each  of these technologies work separately to perform a specific manufacturing task. After reviewing the website, test your new knowledge in industrial technology  by taking the four short quizzes. Help improve this instructional website by using the site evaluation page when you have completed the instructional lessons and short quizzes.  Quizzes and the Evaluation form can be found on the Reference Page.

Knowledge is power !