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Colts Never Had a Chance (2004):

Wouldn't it just figure that New England's favorite NFL ref, Walt Coleman, would be assigned to the AFC Championship game at home?  I'm not suggesting bias, but it is worth pointing out that Walt has a history of blown calls that have favored the Patriots.  I'd also point out that Walt has a history of botched officiating and has no business being assigned to the conference title game.  The very fact that Coleman's crew is working the playoffs is proof positive that the league doesn't give a damn about holding refs accountable.

Specifically, with the Colts down 21-14 and in possession with fewer than 3 minutes remaining, back to back Manning passes fell incomplete due to some questionable coverage.  Replays showed Colts tight end Marcus Pollard being tugged and grabbed by Patriots linebacker Roman Phifer as Peyton Manning's passes flew incomplete.   "Those guys did what they had to do," Pollard said of the Patriots afterward. "They didn't get called for it. So keep doing it. Hats off to them."

Colts receivers complained repeatedly about being held by Patriots defenders who jammed the pass catchers at the line and bumped them down the field. Dungy, typically a calm sideline observer was livid on several occasions about perceived no calls.  Said Dungy "The disappointing thing to me is there were some things that happened in the game that I just know in my heart in the regular season would be penalties."

Some believe officials should call a game straight up . . . a penalty is a penalty.  I happen to believe that the more important a game, the less the officials should be involved.  What's bothersome is that the officials THIS WEEK were lenient with regards to penalties, but LAST WEEK had no problem flagging the Titans (vs. Patriots) for a crucial late holding call that was certainly as marginal as some of the calls that were ignored in this game.

In the Indianapolis-New England game, there wasn't a single penalty called after the snap - or once the ball was in play. Every penalty called was either a false start or delay. This was so even though Patriots defensive backs were doing some, uh, interesting things to Marvin Harrison & Co.

As Patriots safety Rodney Harrison said: 'It's not a call unless they call it, right? Who cares? You know, it's over with.'

The Patriots are a world class bunch of cheaters, and their coach is the biggest cheater of them all. He encourages it. His defense can't stop a team like Kurt & Co., or a Peyton Manning led Colts team on the up & up. They have to cheat to win, and the NFL lets them get away with it. Kraft is a big wig with Commish Tags, as well as a good friend.

In the Pats/Indy game the Pats kept on roughing up the Indy WRs and they couldn't complete the passes. That's part of the reason why Manning threw that many ints. On Indy's last poess on a 4th down, the pass would have easily been completed and Indy would have gotten a 1st down but the defensive people of the Pats held the WR so he couldn't get the ball. The call was obvious but the refs didn't do nothing. The Pats are nothing but CHEATERS!!

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