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Givi Windscreen
The Givi is a major improvement in wind protection over the stock screen.

....The Givi windscreen will offer a level of wind protection right between the stock screen and the Memphis Shade Hell Cat that I am using for longer trips, and the Hell Cat is about half way to good hand/chest/head protection for long trips.  The Givi will stop the direct windblast to the chest in a slight bend arm and a bit forward position.  In this position the wind blast is direct to the head from about the chin up.  
....I see the Givi or similar windscreen as a necessary item for most FZ owners as they are not going to like the looks of a Hell Cat or similar shield, but need much more protection than the stock screen in an upright riding bike.  Yamaha really missed the boat by not designing attachment points all the way across the top of the fairing so 4-6 levels of wind protection could be offered and simply bolted on like the Givi.
....However, even with better factory design for large windscreen the fairing would place the screen too far forward to allow  for an air bubble large enough to protect the rider.
....The Givi looks very nice, is a quality item and does help the wind blast from an upright riding position if one will "stoop" over a little more than the bike is actually designed.  
....The Hell Cat is what I consider at the minimum level for long trips.  I would like hand protection of which there is none, some shoulder protection and a little more head/face protection.  The Hell Cat does provides actual protection to the chest and head for long trips, however.  

....Going into a lower, near sportbike upper body position the Givi provides wind blast protection for the face and head area.  You do not have to "lay" down to get the protection but definitely need to be "stooped" over.
....The Givi screen would work better with lower drops and flatter bars, to place the riding placement in a more semi-sport position.
....The Givi or a similar screen will be a winner for those riders that like to stay in semi-sport riding position most of the time and do most of their riding sport style, or just cruise around town most of the time at moderate speeds.

NOTE:  As of Oct 2001 Rifle has an FZ1 screen available that is much taller and wider than any other screen on the market to date, so be sure to evalutate the Rifle FZ-1 Fazer Touring Windshield  before making a personal decision for more wind protection.  The best source of information will be FZ1 Owner's Association

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Yamaha FZ1
The Givi Windscreen 
is an aftermarket screen that can be ordered by a local Yamaha dealer or
directly from Givi USA, Inc in NC by email 
The Item number is D129S. Cost is about $80, with about $7 shipping.
I received good service and several emails back, so you might direct email to;  Attention: Craig


Comparison of the Givi Windscreen to the Stock Screen

....The Givi is 4 1/2 inches longer and about 1 inch wider on each side.
....When mounted on the bike the Givi sits 3 1/4 inches higher than the stock screen.
....The Hell Cat shield sits 6 1/4 inches higher than the Givi screen or 9 1/2 inches higher than the stock screen.


Mounting the Givi Windscreen

....Mounting is very simple, use the exact size of Philips screwdriver to fit the six anodized aluminum screws securing the front of the stock.  These are quality aluminum machine screws, so treat them gently.  They will come out of the nuts holding them on the backside.  I think there is a rubber boot over the backside fastener.
....The stock screen just lifts off the Givi will fit right in the stock position.  Be very careful when replacing the aluminum machine screws.  Look to see that the holes are lined up when you start each bolt.  I would suggest hand starting on any fastener possible.  After starting the screws, firm them up with a Philips screwdriver, but be very careful not to bear down and damage the plastic or the screws.


....Also, I might note, be careful of the rubber trim around the outer edge of the Givi screen. It will pull off quit easily.

.....The Givi screen has a "Euro-flip" on its top edge, which is a design to throw the air stream up another couple of inches without adding extra height to the screen.  It works.




Personal Impressions of the Givi Windscreen
....For me the Give screen does not have enough protection for long trips or cold weather.
....I like the looks and is a quality product.  
....I was very pleased with the personal responses from Craig of Givi while ordering and waiting for shipment.
....It does not provide enough wind protection to ride with a half helmet.  Either a full face or no helmet works.  A half helmet gets "picked up" and moved around too much be the excessive wind.  
....The Givi does keep the windblast off the chest, but not the head unless arms are bent and body is stooped over.
....There is a "dead air" pocket from slightly above the top of the shield to about the front of the gas fill.
....I will like it for very hot weather cruising at low speeds and "looking cool" when the Harley's are in town.
....I will like it for pure aggressive hard riding, but not for sport-touring.  
....The Givi is a major improvement in wind protection over the stock screen.
....During the second outing with the Givi installed, it quickly became apparent that the Give windscreen is very thin, very flexible.  It is not going to collapse under high speed wind pressure but it certainly flutters way too much for my liking.  Especially when in the highly disturbed air flow around traffic at interstate speeds and beyond.  Observation after a week on the bike; looks good to me, works at the mediocre level for good wind protection but at the pretty good level for a sport rider, way too flexible and fluttery on the highway.
....I left the Givi in place for the 1050 trip to Road America, June, 2001, as it is just big enough to 'blow' the air out and up enough to help stop some of the air coming around the Hell Cat shield I have mounted to the bars.  Also, after a longer trip with the Givi in place, I can live with the fluttering.  It flutters about 1/4-1/2 inch along the top rim and upper sides.

June 16, 2001
....Ran the FZ up a little toward speed potential while on a 200 miles outing with three sportriders.  Started with 130 runs, and went up to 140 a couple of times and a run to 150 on the dot, while passing a 600.  I did not push it more as ran out of road and will do that later.  I had the Givi in place and the Hell Cat shield on the bars.  I did not watch the Givi at 150, but at 140 it was fine.  It does flex and push back at the edge a little but seems to hold up to speed.  The wind flutter on the edge is still not a favorite trait but not bothering me like it did at first.  Maybe I just had a mind set that a screen should not flutter nearly 100% of the time at just cruising speed :)  I am living with it.  And we know it will stay together at high speed. 

July 17, 2001
....By this time, I have had the FZ and Givi on two 1000+ mile tours and several day tours and about 3500 miles.  I have not removed the Hell Cat to run just the Givi in order to gather more impressions of it, and not sure if I will.  The Givi and Hell Cat combination are working too good for all types of riding.  
....At this point in time I have not seen a description or pics of any after market windscreen that I like better than the Givi.  There are several posted on another Screen page linked off the FZ sitemap.  All seem to have the same basic shape.  It has become quit obvious to me that FZ wind blast problem will not be solved sufficiently for me by any aftermarket screen.  It will take a shield to create wind protection.
........The Hell Cat shield is working even better than I thought.  There is a nice air pocket for the head as far back as I can hold onto the bars.  There is no wind whip at all on the head when taking in the sights.  It is quiet enough to hear a radar detector with the stock exhaust on and a half helmet.  I cannot imagine touring without the Hell Cat or similar wind protection.  
....I do not see any aftermarket windscreen being functional.  Even with a Hell Cat sized screen mounted out on the cowling there would not be wind protection, as it would be too far away.  The rear of the air pocket of the Hell Cat out on the cowling would be right in the face.  Unless I miss my guess, only a bar mounted shield is going to give wind protection for a jockey style seating position.  In a nut shell the screen/shield has to be relatively close to the face/body.

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