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Windscreen Options
The purpose of this page is to present some of the after-market windscreens.
Email me you opinion for other riders to use in their selection process.

Eagle screen on Jean's FZ1 in Austriala

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Yamaha FZ1
Windscreen Options

My personal windscreen opinions as of mid July, 2001----
....Pictures can be deceiving, but to this point I personally prefer the looks of the Givi screen.  
....It would appear all aftermarket screens are taking on similar dimensions and offer similar wind protection, which is to get direct wind blast off the chest, but not off the head and shoulders unless at least in the semi-down position.  
....I would think that lower risers and drop bars would be necessary with any of these screens if one wants direct wind blast off the head area.
....My guess is that the design/marketing team never processed the need for wind protection, bungee hard points, instruments, etc.  I am
guessing the marketing team have no clue or experience about such things as sit up style riding on a bike like this.  The cowling needed just a slight re-design to take care of mounting points for a series of screens.  
....However another problem with this type of cowling is that the screen sits too far away from the rider in a sit up bike, that is why shields are better than cowlings with screens, as they bring the wind pocket back to the rider.  The wind pocket on a shield is around the rider while with a screen, since it is too far out and generally too small, the wind pocket is small to non-existent unless the rider is down near the tank.  
....I already have the Givi and  will not consider anymore aftermarket screens, as I think a shield has to be closer at bar level, if I want wind blast protection for all types of riding in the jockey position.  
....I will stick with the Givi and the  Hell Cat shield in place nearly 100% of the time, however most riders will elect to go with one of the aftermarket screens.

Givi Windscreen----

....I have the Givi installed so you can go to my Givi Windscreen page for information and a review, plus there is some info on wind protection on the Hell Cat Shield page and the Impressions page.  Go the FZ1 Sitemap to surf into those pages. Z

Givi Posts
....You can order direct from Givi if you use their online ordering form and it takes about 3-5 days after they process the order. Hope this helps I got mine on just before I left on a 4150 mile trip and it was much improved over either stock or Yamaha aftermarket

Yamaha Aftermarket Windscreen----


Posts regarding the Yamaha
....I recieved my Yamaha taller windshield (stock # ABA-5LV03-00) today.  It looks close to this except it gets wider right after it clears the fairing. It really looks great on the bike. For the review. Being plain and honest if your over 5'10" I doubt this going to do you any good. I'm 6'1" and the wind with the stock screen hit me right in the chest. With the taller windshield ( it's only an inch and a half higher with no flip at the end ) the wind hit me right at the bottom of my faceshield on my helmet. I want something which lets the wind blast hit me right at the top of my helmet at least so it will keep the bugs from hitting my faceshield all the time.  My friend  is around 5'9" or 10". I think the Yamaha is going to suit him fine. If it works for him he will just take my screen. I will wait until something for taller people comes out.  The Yamaha screen is about $75 plus shipping.
.... Yamaha USA official site ( ).
....The actual additional length of the Yamaha aftermarket screen to the stock screen is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches longer. It really does look Great. It talks the wind off you a lot better. 

....I've put some time behind the Yamaha aftermarket windscreen..I like it more all the time! I wasn't sure at first, but I like the looks of it, the size isn't overbearing (I HATE big windshields) and I still get more than enough wind to stay cool at speed with all my protective gear on. I'm 5'8"+, 200 lbs, this bike fits me like a glove.
....However, I could see where a tall person could get the same windblast (high chest, lower chin) with the bigger yammie windscreen that I get with the stock one. So the new one is perfect for me. It creates the perfect low pressure pocket for me, killed the 'buffeting' and the wind seems to be more toward the top of my helmet. No more neck fatigue!

.....I just ordered the Yamaha taller screen from a dealer, he charged me $79.95 and told me it would take a while to come in.

Eagle Screen on Jean Brand's FZ1 in Australia----


....Jean has replaced the screen on her FZ1 with a taller dark tinted one. See below pictures. The screen was made by a local Australian company, Eagle Sreens who has quite a good reputation throughout Australia. The cost of the new screen was Aussie $110, or about 55 US$. She now feels no more wind force on her chest, only around her head which she is happy with. The screen is about 2 inches higher and the additional tip is also curved up. It also comes out slightly wider.  It looks good on the bike. I saw some of the screens available in the US on the web but some of them are way to long - it just does not look good to me

Guftafsson Plastics FZ1 Screen----


Leif posted: Here is the picture of the 5" taller screen for the Yamaha FZ1 we can make it in Clear and 16 tints they run in Clear  $89.95 and in tints $94.95 + S/H. To order call our orderline at 1-888-824-3443.  Gustafsson Plastics  Leif

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