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Yamaha FZ1
Radar Detector Mounting


....I am using a Bell battery powered detector but not the good one they make for cycles.  I just have not invested in a good cycle detector.  A really functional cycle detector would have a very loud tone and a very large bright light and not need an ear plug utilized most of the time.  This model of course is the auto type and does not have an ear plug, is too dim and too quiet to be a good cycle detector.  A touring type of rider might use an ear plug but most aggressive sportbike, sport touring, muscle bike riders probably would not plug in most of the time. 

....At road speeds, because of wind and louder headers on the V65 and Vmax, I usually cannot hear this detector well, but for town riding it does work, unless misinterpreted or hit quickly with a on/off radar system.

....This detector will not work with a full face helmet except at in-town speeds. The light is totally dysfunctional during the day, but does work at night.  With the Hell Cat shield and relatively quiet stock header of the FZ1,  I can hear this detector nicely with a half helmet on.  

Slip Streamer Radar Detector Mount Kit for 7/8 in. Handlebars

The mounting kit can be ordered from other cycle supply companies, I just use Kirk a lot as they tend to have items in stock and ship quickly, even though their prices are "full boat".  This mounting platform a can be utilized for other innovative ideas.

Catalog number:  27401
Black anodized aluminum hardware
3/16 in. clear acrylic mounting plate is 4 in. long x 3 in. wide
Completely adjustable
Cost:  $26.99, in June of 2001.


Detector Installation on the FZ


....The installation directions are on the back of the package.  The mounting kit fits very nicely on the FZ.

....Installation is very easy. I buy some velcro and place it on the left half of the mounting platform,  which can be seen on the lower left edge of the detector above.  I use one or two wide rubber band instead of the O-ring sent with the kit.  Replace the rubber band every few weeks as the oxygen molecules in the excessive atmospheric ozone and other increased pollutants will quite rapidly react with and deteriorate  its strength.  In short, it will be "eaten" up.  The velcro is generally enough to hold the detector in place but I do not take any chance with severe bumps knocking is off the shelf.









....Does the detector work? Of course the answer is, it depends on the situation.  It does not work well at highway speeds for a variety of reasons.  It will pick up radar being used in the area on other vehicles.  Only once have I been hit with laser and it does show when one is getting "lighted" up.  

....The detector works best in towns as radar still generally "bleeds" off energy even when in dormant mode.  It is best at just picking up radar being used in the area and not directly on your vehicle when being hit with a direct beam, as by then the speed has been registered.  

....I like the detector for two major reasons; it picks up radar use in the area and it detects emergency/warning signals from intersections and other vehicles when they have transmitters installed.  I have a permanent wired model on the V65 and switch this unit back and forth between the Vmax and VZ1

....There are a number of very good detectors on the market.  I would suggest searching the bike lists for the best models.



Use the FZ1 Sitemap  to navigate all of the FZ pages.





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