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Mud Flap Trimming
one option

I did not care for the stock mud flap so I trimmed it down the a little,
the second day of ownership.  Let the mods begin :)

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Yamaha FZ1
Mud Flap Trimming
one option

....I used a Dremal tool to cut off the "mud flap."  
....However, if you do not have a Dremal, I am sure the job can be done with a little patience and hand tools.  I would go to a hardware or WW and find one of those small hacksaws where the blade just inserts into the handle and several inches of the blade sticks straight out.  I have used these very successfully to hand cut/trim National Cycle plexi shields.  It just takes a little time and patience, so do not get in a big toot.  If you start sweating, take a break and come back fresh.
....I started to tape a line, but ended up just cutting straight across a bit under the license plate and then angling the cut smoothly up toward the front of the seat. 
....I would take normal wooden graphite pencil and mark a guideline to cut on.  You will be able to erase the pencil mark in case you need to change the line.

....I "eyeballed" the final cuts, scraped the edge relatively smooth with a small knife and then lightly dry sanded the base of the edge with wet sandpaper.  


.... I plan on trimming it the "flap" more later, but remained conservative to see how strong the remainder of the license area will be without the flap, plus I may change the lighting configuration on the back and totally eliminate the signal stacks and the rest of the flap.  I like the looks better without the extended flap.  Big back tire appears "nasty."  Maybe the Hardleys will stop making those obnoxious noises when coming up from behind.  But then that is what they hide behind, noise.  Maybe it is a defense mechanism because of the fear?  :)


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