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Specs by the Manual
First model year 2001

Super Standard
a Muscle-Sport Motorcycle

Derived from the legendary R1 racing machine, the FZ1 packs a huge amount of horsepower and torque into a chassis that handles like a superbike yet is comfortable enough to ride all day long and fun to cruise around town.  Initially the FZ1 was developed as the Fazer for the European market upon request to satisfy the Euros high-mileage, high performance riders.  Yamaha engineers took the heart of their class-leading liter bike, the R1, and "re-tuned" it for broad band torque and power at all ranges for street and road riding.  A modern Muscle Bike!

A Modern  Muscle Bike right out of the box? Yes.
One bike that can do it all for me? Yes


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Yamaha FZ1
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Specs by the Manual

General Specs  

Chassis Specs  
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
Front Tire
Rear Tire
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Rear Suspension
Drive Chain
Electrical Specs
System Voltage
Ignition system
Ignition Coils
Spark Plug Caps
Throttle Position Sensor Standard Resistance
Charging System
Headlight Type
Indicator Lights
Electric Starting System
Starter Relay
Turn Signal Relay
Oil Level Switch
Fuel Sender
Sidestand and Fuel Pump Relay
Fuel Pump Maximum Amperage
Radiator Fan
Thermo Switch
Engine Specs  
Engine Oil
Oil Filter
Oil Pump
Cooling System
Starting System Type
Spark Plugs
Cylinder Head
Timing Chain
Valves, Seats, Guides
Connecting Rods
Shifting Mechanism
Air Filter Type
Fuel Pump
EXUP Cable

Fastener Torque General Guide



General Specs
....Overall length, 83.7" or 2.125 m.
....Overall width, 30.1 in or 76.5 cm.
....Overall height, 46.9 in or 1.190 m.
....Seat height, 32.3 in or 82cm.
....Wheelbase, 57.1 in, or 1.40 m.
....Min Ground clearance, 5.5 in or 14 cm.
....Min turning radius, 114.2 in or 2.9 m.
....Wet (oil and full tank), 509 lb or 231 kg.
....Dry, 459 lb or 208 kg.
....Max load (cargo & riders) 417 lb or 189 kg.

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Chassis Specs
.Frame type, double cradle
.Frame caster angle, 26 degrees
.Frame trail, 104 mm, 4.09 in

Front Wheel
.Front wheel type, cast
.Front wheel rim size, 17 x MT3.50
.Front wheel rim material, aluminum
.Front wheel travel, 140mm, 5.51 in.
.Front wheel runout, max radial, limit is 1 mm or 0.04 in.
.Front wheel runout, max lateral, limit is 0.5 mm or 0.02 in

Rear Wheel
.Rear wheel type, cast
.Rear wheel rim size, 17 x MT5.50
.Rear wheel rim material, aluminum
.Rear wheel travel, 135 mm, 5.31 in
.Rear wheel runout, max. radial, limit is 1 mm or 0.04 in
.Rear wheel runout, max. lateral, limit is 0.05 mm or 0.02 in.

Front Tire
.Front tire type, tubeless
.Front tire size, 120/70 ZR17 (58W)
.Front tire model and manufacturer, MEZ4Y Front (Metzeler in Europe), Bto20F U (Bridgestone in the U.S.)
.Front tire pressure, cold, 36lb, 250 kPa, for all weights and speeds.
.Front tire min. tread depth, limit is 1.0 mm or 0.04 in

Rear Tire
.Rear tire type, tubless
.Rear tire size, 180/55 ZR17 (73W)
.Rear tire model and manufacturer, MEZ4Y (Metzeler in Europe), BT020R U (Bridgestone in the U.S.)
.Rear tire pressure cold, 39lb up to 200lb load, 42 lb over 200 and at high speed.
.Rear tire min. tread depth, limit is 1.0 mm or 0.04 in

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Front Brakes
.Front brake type, dual-disc
.Front brake operation, right-hand
.Front brake recommended fluid, DOT 4
.Front brake discs diameter and thickness, 298 x 5 mm, 11.7 x 0.20 in
.Front brake discs min. thickness, limit is 4.5 mm or 0.18 in.
.Front brake maximum deflection, limit is 0.1 mm or 0.004 in

.Front brake pad lining thickness, 5.5 mm, 0.22 in; limit is 0.5 mm or 0.02 in
.Front brake master cylinder inside diameter, 14 mm, 0.05 in.
.Front brake caliper cylinder inside diameter is 30.2 mm, 1.19 in and 27 mm, 1.06 in

Rear Brakes
.Rear brake type, single-disc
.Rear brake operation, right-foot
.Rear brake pedal position, from top of brake pedal to top of rider footrest, 35-40 mm, 1.38-1.57 in
.Rear brake recommended fluid, DOT 4
.Rear brake discs diameter and thickness, 267 x 5 mm, 10.51 x 0.20 in
.Rear brake disc min. thickness, limit is 4.5 mm or 0.18 in.
.Rear brake disc max. deflection, 0.1 mm or 0.004 in.

.Rear brake pad lining thickness, 5.5 mm, 0.022 in; limit is 0.5 mm or 0.02 in.
.Rear brake master cylinder inside diameter, 12.7 mm, 0.5 in
.Rear brake caliper cylinder inside diameter, 42.9 mm, 1.69 in

Front Suspension
.Front suspension type, telescopic fork
.Front suspension fork type, coil spring
.Front suspension fork travel, 140 mm, 5.51 in.
.Front suspension spring free length, 344.0 mm, 13.5 in.
.Front suspension spring spacer length, 66.0 mm, 2.60 in.
.Front suspension spring installed length, 320.0 mm, 12.6 in.
.Front suspension spring rate K1, 43.7 lb/in, 7.8 N/mm
.Front suspension spring rate K2, 67.2 lb/in, 11.8 N/mm
.Front suspension spring stroke K1, 0-64 mm, 0.2.52 in.
.Front suspension spring stroke K2, 64-140 mm, 2.52-5.51 in.
.Front suspension optional spring available? No
.Front suspension recommended fork oil, "01" or equivalent
.Front suspension fork oil quantity, each fork leg, 435 cc, 15.3 Imp oz, 14.7 US oz
.Front suspension fork oil level, from the top of the inner tube, with the inner tube fully compressed, and iwthout the fork spring, 140 mm, 5.51 in.
.Front suspension spring preload adjusting position, min., softest suspension, 8
.Front suspension spring preload standard adjusting position, 4
.Front suspension spring preload adjusting position, max, hardest suspension, 1
.Front suspension rebound damping position, min., 17, softest
.Front suspension rebound damping position, standard, 7
.Front suspension rebound damping position, max., 1, hardest
.Front suspension compression damping position, min., 21, softest
.Front suspension compression damping position, standard , 6
.Front suspension compression damping position, max., 1, hardest

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.Steering bearing type, angular ball bearings

Rear Suspension
.Rear suspension type, swingarm (link suspension)
.Rear suspension shock assembly type, coil spring/gas-oil damper
.Rear suspension shock assembly travel, 65 mm, 2.56 in.
.Rear suspension spring free length, 182.5 mm, 7.19 in.
.Rear suspension spring installed length, 163 mm, 6.42 in.
.Rear suspension spring rate (K1), 420 lb/in, 73.6 N/mm
.Rear suspension spring stroke (K1), 0.65 mm, 2.56 in.
.Rear suspension, optional spring available, NO
.Rear suspension standard spring preload gas/air pressure, 170.7 psi, 1,200 kPa
.Rear suspension spring preload minimun position setting, 1, softest
.Rear suspension spring preload standard position setting, 6
.Rear suspension spring preload maximum position setting, 11, hardest
.Rear suspension rebound damping minimum setting, 20, softest
.Rear suspension rebound damping standard setting, 10
.Rear suspension rebound damping maximum setting, 3, hardest
.Rear suspension compression damping minimum setting, 1, softest
.Rear suspension compression damping standard setting, 7
.Rear suspension compression damping maximum setting, 12, hardest

.Swingarm free play at the end, radial direction, limit 1 mm or 0.04 in.
.Swingarm free play at the end, axial direction, limit 1 mm or 0.04 in.

Drive Chain
.Drive chain model and manufacturer, 50ZVM (DAIDO)
.Drive chain link quantity, 116
.Drive chain slack, 40-50 mm, 1.57-1.97 in.
.Drive chain maximum length for a ten-link section, 150.1 mm, 5.91 in; limit is 152.5 mm or 6.00 in.

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Electrical Specs
System Voltage
.System voltage, 12 V

Ignition system
.Ignition system type, transistorized oil ignition
.Ignition system timing, 5 degrees BTDC at 1,100 rpm.
.Ignition system advanced timing, 55 degrees BTDC at 5,000 rpm.
.Ignition system advancer type, throttle position sensor and electrical.
.Ignition system pickup coil resistance and color, 248-372 ohms, Gy-B
.Ignition system transistorized oil ignition unit model and manufacturer, TNDF69 (DENSO)

Ignition Coils
.Ignition coils model and manufacturer, J)313 (DENSO)
.Ignition coils minimum ignition spark gap, 6 mm, 0.24 in.
.Ignition coils primary coil resistance, 1.87-2.53 ohms.
.Ignition coils secondary coil resistance, 12-18 ohms.

Spark Plug Caps
.Spark plug caps material, rubber
.Spark plug caps resistance, 10 ohms

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Throttle Position Sensor Standard Resistance
.Throttle position sensor standard resistance, 4-6 ohms

Charging System
.Charging system type, AC magneto
.Charging system model and manufacturer, F4T361 (MITSUBISHI)
.Charging system normal output, 14 V and 365 W at 5,000rpm)
.Charging system stator coil resistance and color, 0.27-0.33 ohms at 20 degrees C (68F), White-White

.Regulator type, semiconductor short circuit.
.Regulator model and manufacture, S650C-11 (SHINDENGEN)
.Regulator no-load regulated voltage, 14.1-14.9 V.

.Rectifier capacity, 18 A.
.Rectifier/regulator can withstand, 200 V

.Battery type, GT14B-4
.Battery voltage and capacity, 12 V/ 12 AH

Headlight Type
.Headlight type, halogen bulbs

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.Bulb, headlight, 12V 60W/55W x 2
.Bulb, auxiliary light, 12V 5W x 2
.Bulb, tail/brake light, 12V 5W/21W x 2
.Bulb, front turn signal light, 12V 8W/27W x 2
.Bulb, rear turn signal light, 12V 27W x 2
.Bulb, meter light, 12V 2W x 3

Indicator Lights
.Indicator light, neutral, 14V 1.4W x 1
.Indicator light, high beam, 14V 1.4W x 1
.Indicator light, oil level, 14V 1.4W x 1
.Indicator light, turn signal 14V 1.4W x 2
.Indicator light, fuel, 12V 2W x 1
.Indicator light, water temperature, LED

Electric Starting System
.Electric starting system type, constant mesh
.Electric starting system motor model and manufacturer, SM-13 (MITSUBA)
.Electric starting system power output, 0.8 kW
.Electric starting system brushes, overall length, 12.5 mm, 0.49 in; limit 4mm or 0.16 in.
.Electric starting system spring force, 7.65-10.01 N., 27.5-36.0 oz.
.Electric starting system commutator resistance 0.025-0.035 ohm.
.Electric starting system commutator diameter, 28 mm (1.10 in.); limit 27 mm. Or 1.06 mm
.Electric starting system mica undercut, 0.7 mm, 0.03 in.

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Starter Relay
.Starter relay model and manufacturer, MS%F-631 (JIDECO)
.Starter relay amperage, 180 A.
.Starter relay coil resistance, 4.18-4.62 ohms.

.Horn type, plain
.Horn manufacturer and quantity, YF-12 (NIKKO) x 1
.Horn max. amperage, 3A

Turn Signal Relay
.Turn signal relay type, full-transistor
.Turn signal relay model and manufacturer, FE246BH (DENSO)
.Turn signal relay self-cancelling device built-in, NO
.Turn signal relay blinking frequency, 75-95 cycles per minute.
.Turn signal relay wattage, 27 W x 2 + 3.4 W

Oil Level Switch
.Oil level switch model and manufactory, 5LV (DENSO)

Fuel Sender
.Fuel sender model and manufacturer, 5 LV (NIPPON SEIKI)
.Fuel sender resistance, 4-1000 ohm at 25 degrees C (77F)

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Sidestand and Fuel Pump Relay
.Sidestand and fuel pump relay model and manufacturer, 5EB-20 (OMRON)
.Sidestand and fuel pump relay coil resistance, 180 ohms.

Fuel Pump Maximum Amperage
.Fuel pump max. amperage, 1.2 A

Radiator Fan
.Radiator fan model and manufacturer, 4XV (TOYO RADIATOR)

Thermo Switch
.Thermo swcith model and manufacturer, 5jj (NIPPON THERMOSTAT)

.Fuses, main, 30 A
.Fuses, headlight, 20A
.Fuses, signaling system, 20 A
.Fuses, ignition, 20A
.Fuses, radiator fan, 10A
.Fuses, turnsignal relay, 10A
.Fuses, backup fuse, odometer, 10A
.Fuses, in reserve, one each, 30A, 20A, 10A

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Engine Specs
....Engine type, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC
....Displacement 998 cc
....Cylinder arrangement, forward-inclined parallel 4-cylinder
....Bore X stroke, 74 mm x 58 mm or 2.91 in x 2.28 in.
....Compression ratio, 11.4 to 1
....Engine idling speed, 1,050 to 1,150 rpm
....Vacuum pressure at engine idling speed, 30KPa (225 mm Mercury or 8.86 in Mercury)
....Standard compression pressure (sea level), 1,450 kPa (14,5 kg/cc, 206psi) at 400 rpm.

....Fuel recommended, unleaded
....Fuel tank capacity including reserve 5.22 US gallons or 21 L or 18.5 Imp. qt.
....Reserve is 1.22 US gallons or 4 L or 3.52 Imp qt.

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....Lubrication system is a wet sump
....Recommended oil is Yamalube 4 (20W40 or SAE 20W40 type SE motor oil.
....Total oil, 3.8 US quarts, 3.2 Imp qt, 3.7 L.
....Oil without oil filter replacement, 2.9 US qt, 2,4 Imp qt, 2.8 L.
....Oil with filter replacment, 3.1 US qt, 2.6 Imp qt, 3.0 L.
....Oil pressure hot, 45 kPa (0.45 kg/cc, 6.40 psi, at 1,100rpm
....Relief valve opening pressure, 490-570 kPa (4.9-5.7 kg/cc, 69.7-81.1 psi)

Oil Filter
....Oil filter type, spin on cartridge, paper
....Bypass valve opening pressure, 180-220 kPa (1.8-2.2 kg/cc, 25.6-31.3 psi

Oil Pump
....Oil pump type, Trochoidal
....Inner-rotor-to-outer-rotor-tip clearance, 0.09-0.15 mm or 0.004-0.006 in.

Cooling System
....Radiator capacity, 2.53 US qt, 2.11 Imp qt, 2.4 L
....Radiator cap opening pressure, 95-125 kPa, 0.95-1.25 kg/cc, 13.1-17.8 psi
....Radiator core width, 13.4 in, 34 cm.
....Radiator core height, 9.4 in, 23.8 cm.
....Radiator core depth, 0.94 in, 24 mm.
....Coolant reservoir capacity, 0.32 US qt, 0.26 Imp qt, 0.3 L.
....Water pump type, single-suction centrifugal pump
....Reduction ratio, 68/43 x 28/28 (1.581)
....Max. impeller shaft tilt, 0.006 in, 0.15mm

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Starting System Type
....Electric starter

Spark Plugs
....Spark plug model, CR9E/U27ESR-N (NGK/DENSO) x 4
....Plug gap, 0.7-0.8 mm or 0.028-0.031 in.

Cylinder Head
....Max. warpage, either diagonally or across width, 0.1 mm or 0.004 in).

....Drive system, chain drive, O-ring, 530
....Camshaft cap inside diameter, 24.500-24.521 mm, 0.9646-0.9654
....Camshaft journal diameter, 24.459-24.472, 0.9630-0.9635
....Camshaft-journal-to-camshaft cap clearance, 0.028-0.062, 0.0011-0.0024 in.
....Intake camshaft lobe dimensions

Measurement A....32.5-32.6 mm, 1.2795-1.2835 in; limit is 32.4mm or 1.2756 in.
Measurement B....24.95-25.05 mm, 0.9823-0.9862 in; limit is 24.85 or 0.9783 in.
Measurement C....7.45-7.65, 0.2933-0.3012 in.

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....Exhaust camshaft lobe dimensions
Measurement A....32.95-33.05, 1.2972-1.3012; limit is 32.85mm or 1.2933 in.
Measurement B....24.95-25.05 mm, 0.9823-0.9862; limit is 24.85 mm or 0.9783 in.
Measurement C....7.75-7.95, 0.3051-0.3126
....Max camshaft runout limit is 0.03 mm or 0.0012 in.

Timing Chain
....Model, RH2015
....Number of links, 130
....Tensioning system, automatic

Valve clearance
....Intake valve clearance (cold), 0.11-0.20 mm or 0.0043-0.0079 in.
....Exhaust valve clearance (cold), 0.21-0.25 mm or 0.0083-0.0098 in.

Valve head diameter A
....Intake valve diameter, 22.9-23.1 mm, 0.9016-0.9094 in
....Exhaust valve diameter, 24.4-24.6 mm, 0.9606-0.9685 in

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Valve face width B
....Intake valve face width, 1.76-2.90, 0.0693-0.1142 in.
....Exhaust valve diameter, 1.76-2.90, 0.0693-0.1142 in.


Valve seat width C
....Intake valve seat width, 0.9-1.1, 0.035-0.043 in.
....Exhaust valve seat width, 0.9-1.1, 0.035-0.043 in.

Valve margin thickness D
....Intake valve margin thickness, 0.5-0.9 mm, 0.020-0.035 in.
....Exhaust valve margin thickness, 0.5-0.9 mm, 0.020-0.035 in.

Valve stem diameter
....Intake valve stem diameter, 3.975-3.900 mm, 0.1565-0.1535 in; limit is 3.945 mm or 0.1553 in.
....Exhaust valve stem diameter, 4.465-4.480 mm, 0.1758-0.1764 in; limit is 4.43 mm or 0.1744 in.

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Valve guide inside diameter
....Intake valve guide inside diameter, 4.000-4.012 mm, 0.1575-0.1580 in; limit is 4.05 mm or 0.1594 in
....Exhaust valve guide inside diameter, 4.500-4.512 mm, 0.1772-0.1776; limit is 4.55 mm or 0.1791 in

Valve-stem-to-valve-guide clearance
....Intake valve-stem-to-valve-guide clearance, 0.010-0.037 mm, 0.0004-.0015 in; limit is 0.08 mm or 0.0031 in
....Exhaust valve-stem-to-valve-guide clearnce,  0.020-0.047 mm, 0.0008-0.0019 in; limit is 0.10 mm or 0.0039 in

Valve stem runout, limit 0.01 mm or 0.0004 in

Valve seat width
....Intake valve seat width, 0.9-1.1 mm, 0.035-0.043 in
....Exhaust valve seat width, 0.9-1.1mm, 0.035-0.043 in

Valve springs free length
....Intake valve spring free length, 38.90 mm, 1.54 in
....Exhaust valve spring free length, 40.67, 1.60 in
....Intake valve spring installed length (valve closed), 34.50 mm, 1.36 in
....Exhaust valve spring installed length (valve closed), 35.00 mm, 1.38 in
....Intake valve spring compressed spring force (installed), 82-96N, 8.2-9.6 kg, 18,4-25.4 lb
....Exhaust valve spring compressed spring force (installed), 110-126 N, 11.0-12.6 kg, 24.7-28.3 lb

Spring Tilt

....Intake spring tilt, limit 2.5 degrees/1.7 mm or 2.5 degrees/0.067 in.
....Exhaust spring tilt, limit 2.5 degrees/1.8 mm or 2.5 degrees/0.071 in.

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Winding direction
....Intake winding direction from top view  is clockwise
....Exhaust winding direction from top view is clockwise.

....Cylinder arrangement, forward-inclined, parallel 4-cylinder
....Bore and stroke, 74mm x 58 mm, 2.91 x 2.28 in
....Compression ratio, 11.4 to 1
....Bore, 74.00-74.01 mm, 2.9134-2.9138 in
....Max. taper, limit is 0.05 mm or 0.0016 in
....Max. out-of-round, 0.05 mm or 0.0016 in

....Piston-to-cylinder clearance, 0.030-0.055 mm, 0.001-0.002 in; limit is 0.12 mm or 0.005 in
....Piston diameter (D), 73.955-73.970, 2.9118-2.9122 in

....Piston height (H), 5 mm, 0.20 in
....Piston pin bore (in the piston) diameter, 17.002-17.013 mm; limit is 17.043 mm. 0.6710 in
....Piston pin bore offset, 0.5 mm, 0.197
....Piston pin bore offset direction, intake side
....Piston pins outside diameter, 16.991-17.000 mm, 0.6689-06693; limit is 16.971 mm or 0.6681 in
....Piston-pin-to-piston-pin-bore clearance, 0.002-0.022 mm, 0.00008-0.00087 in; limit is 0.072 mm or 0.0028 in.

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Piston Rings
....Top piston ring type, barrel

....Top piston ring dimensions (B x T), 0.90 x 2.75 mm, 0.035 x 0.108 in.
....Top piston ring end gap (installed), 0.32-0.44 mm, 0.010-0.020 in.
....Top piston ring side clearance, 0.030-0.065 mm, 0.0012-0.0026 in

....2nd ring type, Taper
....2nd ring dimensions (B x T), 0.8 x 2.8 mm, 0.031 x 0.110 in
....2nd ring end gap (installed), 0.43-0.58 mm, 0.17-0.023 in
....2nd ring side clearance, 0.020-0.055 mm, 0.0008-0.0022 in

....Oil ring dimensions (B x T), 1.5 x 2.6 mm, 0,059 x 0.101 in
....Oil ring end gap (installed), 0.10-0.35 mm, 0.004-0.014 in

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Connecting Rods
....Crankshaft-pin-to-big-end-bearing clearance, 0.031-0.055 mm, 0.0012-0.0022 in
....Crankshaft bearing color code, -1 = Violet, 0 = White, 1 = Blue, 2 = Black


....Crankshaft width (A), 52.40-57.25 mm, 2.063-2.254 in.
....Crankshaft width (B), 300.75-302.65 mm, 11.84-11.92 in.
....Crankshaft max. runout (C), limit 0.03 mm
....Crankshaft big end side clearance (D), 0.160-0.262 mm, 0.006-0.010 in.
....Crankshaft-journal-to-crankshaft-journal-bearing clearance, 0.029-0.053 mm, 0.0011-0.0021 in
....Crankshaft bearing color code, -1 = pink/violet, 0 = pink/white, 1 = pink/blue, 2 = pink/black, 3 = pink/brown

....Clutch type, wet with multiple disc
....Clutch release method, cam (pull rod type)
....Clutch release method operation, cable operated.
....Clutch operation, left-hand
....Clutch cable free play (taken at the end of the clutch hand lever), 10-15mm, 0.39-0.59 in.
....Clutch friction plates thickness, eight at  2.92-3.08 mm, 0.115-0.121 in; limit is 2.82 mm or 0.111 in. each; limit is 2.82 mm or 0.111in.
....Clutch friction plate thickness, one at 3.42-3.58 mm, 0.135-0.141 in; limit is 3.32 mm or 0.131 in.
....Clutch plates, eight at 1.9-2.1 mm, 0.075-0.083 in; limit is 0.1 mm or 0.004 in
....Clutch springs free length, 50 mm, 1.97 in
....Clutch spring quantity, six

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....Transmission type, constant mesh, 6-speed
....Transmission primary reduction system, spur gear
....Transmission primary reduction ration, 68 to 43 (1.581)
....Transmission secondary reduction system, chain drive.
....Transmission secondary reduction ration, 44 to 16 (2.750)
....Transmission operation, left-foot
....Transmission gear ratios
    1st gear = 35 to 14 (2.500)
    2nd gear = 35 to 19 (1.842)
    3rd gear = 30 to 20 (1.500)
    4th gear = 28 to 21 (1.333)
    5th gear = 30 to 25 (1.200)
    6th grear = 29 to 26 (1.115)
....Transmission main axle runout, limit is 0.08 mm or 0.003 in
....Transmission max. drive axle runout, limit is 0.08 mm or 0.002 in.

Shifting mechanism
....Shift mechanism type, guide bar
....Max shift fork guide bar bending, limit is 0.1 mm or 0.004 in.
....Shifting mechanism installed shift rod length, 260 mm, 10.2 in.

Air Filter Type
....Air filter, dry element

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Fuel Pump
....Fuel pump type, electrical
....Fuel pump model, 4SV by Mitsubishi
....Fuel pump output pressure, 20 kPa, 0.2 kg/cc, 2.9 psi.

....Carburetor model, BSR37 by Mikuni
....Carburetor numbers, four
....Carburetor throttle cable free play (at the flange of the throttle grip), 3-5 mm, 0.12-0.20 in
....Carburetor ID mark, 5LV5 40
....Carburetor main jet for carbs 1 and 4, #132.5
....Carburetor main jet for carbs 2 and 3, #130
....Carburetor main air jet, #80
....Carburetor jet needle on carbs 1 and 4, 5D129-3/5
....Carburetor jet needle on carbs 2 and 3, 5D130-3/5
....Carburetor needle jet, P-OM
....Carburetor pilot outlet, 1.0
....Carburetor pilot jet, #15
....Carburetor bypass 1, 0.9
....Carburetor bypass 2, 0.9
....Carburetor bypass 3, 0.9
....Carburetor pilot screw turns out, 2.0
....Carburetor valve seat size, 1.5
....Carburetor starter jet 1, #42.5
....Carburetor starter jet 2, 0.8
....Carburetor throttle valve size, #115
....Carburetor fuel level (above the line on the float chamber) 3.0-4.0 mm, 0.118-0.157 in

EXUP Cable
....EXUP cable, max. free play (at the EXUP valve pulley), 1.5 mm, 0.059

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Fastener Torque Specifications
General information
.To avoid warpage, tighten multi-fastener assemblies in a criss-cross pattern and progressive stages until the specified tightening torque is reached.
.Unless specified in the manual, tightening torque specifications require clean, dry threads and components should be at room temperature.
.General torque rule: fastener head diameter/thread outside diameter/torque in ft-lb, 10mm/6mm/4.3ft-lb, 12/8/11, 14/10/22, 17/12/40, 19/14/61, 22/16/94.

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