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Exhaust Can and Pipe Removal
in preparation for the installation of a 
FZ1 GYT-R Carbon Slip-on

FZ1, Super Standard
a Muscle-Sport Motorcycle

A Modern  Muscle Bike right out of the box? Yes.
One bike that can do it all for me? Yes


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Yamaha FZ1
Exhaust Can and Pipe Removal
in preparation for the installation of a 
FZ1 GYT-R Carbon Slip-on


....Removal of the stock exhaust and pipe on the FZ is very easy.
....Tools: 8mm Allen socket or wrench, 12 mm six point socket or wrench, are all that is needed.
....I used the items shown below.

....If you inspect the attachment points of the can and pipe it is obvious there are two.  The top attachment just behind the passenger foot peg and the front near the center stand.
....Take an 8 mm Allen socket or wrench and loosen the back mount.  You will not need a wrench to hold the nut on the back of the bolt as it is held by the hanger.  In an older bike when the bolt/nut bond together, a wrench/socket may be needed. You can take the bolt all the way out just to get a feel of the pipe without this "hanger" in place.  Do support the can with your hand to keep from stressing the front attachment, but you will note the can/pipe are still quite solidly held in place by the front attachment.  
....Replace or keep the back bolt in place but ready to be removed by hand.  Now move down to the front attachment.

....Find the 12 mm head of the bold on the bottom clamp, which is under the pipe by the center stand.

....Take a 12 mm socket or wrench and remove the bolt on this clamp all the way out.

....You will not need a wrench on the back side, as the nut is held in place.  Again, as the bike gets older, one may have to put a socket on the nut.


....Lets review.  You have loosened the back hanger bolt and have it ready to come out by hand.
....The bottom clamp bolt is completely out and the clamp is loose.

....I do not have pics of the actual removal of the can/pipe but here is what you will do.
....The pipe will come loose at the joint in the pic above.
....Support the can with one hand and remove the upper bolt.

....Take both hands and slightly rotate the can a little back and forth to loosen the joint at the front.

....Be patient and rotate carefully.  You will start to feel this joint loosen.  There is a round gasket between the exhaust pipe and the header collector pipe that will hole the joint fairly tight.  Be careful and make little moves as for two reasons.  You want to attempt to save and reuse this gasket if possible, and you do not want to bend or stress the header collector pipe.  
....Use common sense and remove the can/pipe, then set it aside on some cardboard or something to protect from scratches.

....Note: If the gasket is on the inside of the exhaust pipe  and in good shape, it is a good idea, just to leave it for storage with the stock system and buy an new gasket with the new system.  I tend to just put new gaskets on.

....Check where the gasket was left.  Generally the gasket will stay inside the pipe that you removed.  Sometimes it will stay on the outside of the header collector pipe (top left) , which is good, because then the new exhaust pipe can be carefully worked over the gasket.

....If, as usually is the case, the gasket is inside the exhaust pipe,  you will have to attempt to carefully lift it up at the inside edge and work under and around it in hopes of removal in one piece to be reused.  It will be easier to just put on a new gasket.



....Store the stock exhaust for reuse.  Be careful not to store metal items, even stainless, in an area where household chemical are kept or that is moist.  Chemical are constantly "evaporating" into the air along with moisture.  Even a stainless exhaust will react, so monitor items you have in storage.

....Installation and notes on the Yamaha Carbon Fiber Slip-on will be posted on another page.


....Yamaha says:  After 3 years experience in performance exhaust system development, Yamaha Parts & Accessories Division came up with our next generation round systems. These pipes use even more lightweight materials than before to rival the best race systems on the market. Special high-volume design helps improve exhaust flow performance. Slip-On Exhaust installs easily without removal of the stock header or EXUP Valve, and adds 4.5 horsepower in the midrange, plus 1 or more peak horsepower. All GYT-R Slip-on exhausts install easily. For closed-course competition only.
....Carbon Saves 7 pounds compared to the OE system; adds 4.5 HP throughout the mid-range and 1 peak HP.  
Aluminum Saves 5-3/4 pounds compared to the OE system; adds 4.5 HP throughout the mid-range and 1 peak HP.

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