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Sailor Moon Program Index


Due to changes in Angelfire's policy on image use, you will have to host images on your site and alter the image directory in the code. You may feel free just to send visitors directly to the game you want from your site if you do not know how to do that. I'm sorry for any inconvience, but I no longer have time to support this site fully. I can be contacted to answer questions or help at

Dress Sailor Moon v2/3.5

The one that started it all. Dress Sailor Moon in your browser window with a varity of different outfits. You can even import your own images from a url, your hard drive, or even a floppy disk.

Sailor Memory v1.0

If you've ever played a memory game where you expose a picture and try to expose it's match, you'll know what to expect. This heafty program (9k) is probably best suited to it's own page on your site. It is fully featured and a lot of fun.

Sailor Slots v1.1

This is a nice little slot machine program. Small, easily modified, and perfect for a small game addition to a page.

Sailor Moon Hangman v1.4

This little program makes use of some techniques that I've been working on for some time. It can take any number of words with any number of letters and spaces and randomly choose one for the game. What makes this so interesting is that a picture is created dynamically for each letter or space.

Sailor Moon Tic Tac Toe v2.1

It's here. I did this basic program back when I first started programming in BASIC. This 8k program features an intellegent computer opponent that even I can seldom beat. Can you beat the LUNA (Little Unnecessarily Named Artificial Intelligence)?

Sailor Moon Infodex "Lite" (Java Applet)

The SMI Lite is not a JavaScript program, but one written in Java. It has all American Sailor Moon information available in the Sailor Moon Infodex (v2.12).

Sailor Moon Infodex

This is a freeware Windows program that is only listed here because of its increasing popularity. You can not "put it up" on your website as with the other programs, but you can use it to create custom webpages with lists of episodes or episode names that you can use on your site. Check it out.


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