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Sailor Memory

Try out this fun little memory game. It's got full error handeling support and point and click interface.


  1. Adjustable images (for people with some experience with JavaScript)
  2. Point and click interface (replaces crude row & col entry interface)
  3. Game reports number of tries it took you to finish.


  1. Click on a picture to select it.
  2. Click on a second picture to guess at it's match.
  3. DO NOT click on the same picture twice in a row. It won't make it load faster. It will only crash the game.
  4. Alerts will appear after the 2nd picture is selected. This is so the picture has time to load before you click OK.
  5. At first you may have to wait a while for pictures to load, but after a picture has appeared once or twice it will appear much faster on subsequent clicks.

Just Copy & Paste this code onto your page.