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Search for Eternity: A Kyouichi Saionji Shrine

Search for Eternity

A Shrine to Kyouichi Saionji

1/3/01: New members have joined ISS, and there is one new link.

Latest Annnouncement: Sorry, everyone, but it's time for a swan song. I will continue to accept new members for ISS, but other than that, expect the contents of this page to remain pretty much static. Translation: With the exception of ISS, this page will no longer be updated. For more information on why, see Rose Revolution.

I have deleted the email address. If you wish to contact me about ISS, please email me at .

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed to this site, especially the wonderful people who joined ISS. Much love and tons of thanks,

~ Kotetsu, 8/28/00

Site Contents:

Who is Saionji?
Character Analysis
Women in His Life
Touga Kiryuu
The Kendo

The Original Debates
Reasons to Love Him
Saionji's Fate
Other Anime Characters

Saionji Fandom
From the fans' mouths
Support Saionji
(updated 9/9/00)

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