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NORTH End: Intersection, IA 150, Fayette County

Facing north on 187

Until 1981, this was the end of IA 154, and then 187 superseded its entire route. The 1981 state map, with a notation that routes are correct as of October 1980, shows 154 still on its route and ending at 3 but 187 coming north to the same intersection instead of going to Backbone State Park like it had before. This sign was replaced between my trips in December 2004 (sign with smaller digits; see SB 150 below) and November 2006 (above).

LGS in background of above picture

Facing east, but heading north, on 150

Closeup of signs and LGS in background

Facing east, but heading north, on 150

Facing south on 150

Facing south on 150

Old NORTH End (1980-81): Stop sign, IA 3 and IA 154, Fayette County

Facing north on 187

Prior to 1980, the shield at right would be a 154 (with the same up arrow) - that is, if it was signed. "End 187" would probably have been a little farther behind. Mile marker 15 is here, but further up the road is MM 15A, most likely to reconcile 187's markers with 154's so the numbers could just be replaced but the poles themselves not moved. This theory is borne out by the fact the mile markers between Arlington and IA 150 are on the right side of the road (signifying a count from IA 150). It's a very inelegant way to do things, and since the south end has been extended the miles should be re-marked on the entire route.

Facing east on 3

This LGS has the three communities (in order) that make up the Starmont school district - a conglomeration of town names Strawberry Point, Arlington, and Lamont. The school in Arlington is abandoned.

Facing east on 3

This standard, run-of-the-mill intersection is going to be replaced with (ick) a roundabout in 2009.

Facing west on 3

Facing south, but heading east, on 154 (now heading south on 187)

This is the most likely candidate for an "End 154" pole.

Facing south, but heading east, on 154 (now heading south on 187)

Photo by Jason Hancock

The school building is here, at the northwest corner of the intersection. At least this one is at the intersection of two state highways unlike Wapsie Valley, which is all by itself on a county road in the middle of the district.

Old NORTH End (1931-80): Backbone State Park (west entrance), Delaware County

Facing east, but heading north, on 187

Photo by Jason Hancock

Jason writes that there is still a stray mile marker (11) on C57, 187's old route. (This one's a violation of my rules, since this part was taken off in 1980.) Backbone State Park was the only state park to be served by two state highways: IA 187, for the park's west gate, and IA 19/410, for the park's north gate. (IA 19 inexplicably became 410 in 1957.)

SOUTH End: Interchange, US 20, Buchanan County

Facing south on 187

The upcoming intersection was the end of 187 prior to 1976, when the four-lane 20 opened west of here. After the four-lane was built, IA 939, which was the 'secret' designation for old 20 until 2003, went to the right. The extension also created a Mile 1A on 187. The 'hill', 3/10 mile south of the intersection, is the bridge over 20.

Facing south on 187 (January 2002)

Photo by Jason Hancock

Facing south on 187 (December 2004)

This sign set is about halfway between the bridge and the intersection in the above picture. (The 187 shields are different.)

Facing north on gravel Washburn Avenue

Heading south, 187 becomes a gravel road right after the eastbound (south-side) ramps, and then that road becomes a T intersection half a mile south of the interchange. These signs are on the gravel road. Notice that the 20 shield on the green sign seems like a 3-digit-wide one.

Facing north on gravel

The "No Passing Zone" sign marks the start of pavement, and presumably 187.

Facing east on 20

Photo by me / Photo by Jason Hancock

Notice "Next Right" instead of an exit number, because 20 did not have exit tabs until less than 20 years ago. The "Masonville" is in a smaller font most likely because it was added later, but why does it have a frame? What was in that spot before?

Pictures by Jason Hancock: 14th, 15th, 17th, and 23rd, 1/26/02

Pictures by me: First and fourth, 11/20/06; second, third, fifth-eleventh, 13th, 16th, and 18th-21st, 12/14/04; twelfth, 9/2/08; 22nd, 1/31/03

Page created 5/7/02; last updated 12/29/08

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