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(October 25, 1926-1981)

WEST End: IA 150, Fayette County

Facing north, but heading west, on 154

Until 1981, this was the end of IA 154, and then 187 superseded its entire route. The 1981 state map, with a notation that routes are correct as of October 1980, shows 154 still on its route. Replace the "187"s with "154"s to get an idea of what was here.

Because 154 went six miles north-south but eight miles east-west, I'm classifying it as an east-west route.

LGS in background of above picture

Facing east, but heading north, on 150

Closeup of signs and LGS in background

Facing east, but heading north, on 150

Facing south on 150

Facing south on 150

One mile south of here, 154/187 turns east while W33 goes straight south.

EAST End: Stop sign, IA 3 and W51 (IA 187 in 1980), Fayette County

Facing south on 187, but heading east on 154

This is the most likely candidate for the "End 154" pole.

LGS in above picture

Photo by Jason Hancock

This intersection is near the Starmont school. (Starmont is a conglomeration of town names - Strawberry Point, Arlington, and Lamont.)

Facing north on W51/187

Prior to 1980, the shield at right would be a 154 (with the same up arrow) - that is, if it was signed.

Last seen: 1981

Notice that on this map, 154 and 187 both end at the junction with 3.

Tenth picture by Jason Hancock: 1/26/02

Pictures by me: First-ninth and eleventh, 12/14/04

Page created 5/7/02 (as part of 187); last updated 1/4/05

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