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Other IF Writers' Pages

Jen's FFVII Page-Packed with information on Final Fantasy 7, as well as fanfiction, art and hilarious rambles.

Lizz's Links-Has links to a few IFs, as well as a place to find information on breeding rats, and an original sci fi story. She is also the one responsible for most of the art work on Final Fantasy7 RPG.

Tifa and Vincent's Seventh Heaven-Contains fanfics from RPGs, and a chat room.

Yin and Yang's Video Game Fanfics-The title is fairly self explanatory. It also contains fan art.

Doku Red Eyes-Page hosting 3 IFs.

Fanfiction Database-The title is self explanatory. Contains fanfiction from many authors dedicated to a variety of games and television series'.

Tomas' Page-His personal homepage. He also has a site dedicated to several Squaresoft games...Final Fantasy Extreme. Aside from that, he also runs the IF Headquarters. @_@

Frank's FF7 Page-A site dedicated to Final Fantasy 7, which contains fanfics, fanart, and a rambles section.

Alex's Page-

Kira's Page-Contains fanfics, fanart, and rants, amongst other things.


Wierd or Interesting Sites

The Death Clock-Check and see your date of death, and/or check up on your friends and enemies. I like the sadistic feature, myself.


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