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Welcome to my Virtua Fighter page. My name is Jarien Sky, and I'm a 14-year old Akira player from Iowa. Virtua Fighter is a series of games created by Sega; there have been three Virtua Fighter arcade games, and numerous versions on home systems, including the Saturn, 32X, PC, Genesis, and even Game Gear! (Remember that thing?) If you're new to Virtua Fighter (VF), or if you're an expert experienced player who's been practicing for years, this is a great place to look! I have mainly VF3 info, but there are links to a few VF1, VF2 and VFPC pages in the links section, which now has 40 links, and descriptions of all of them! This is a guide to all the VF3 characters! I list character information and have pictures for everyone. There are also moves lists complete with attack levels, frame rates, and damage rates for Akira and Jacky (and descriptions of the enemy's reaction for Akira), and I have a Kage link with moves since it's the DreamMaster's FAQ, but I also have my own Kage character page. I have a key of the terminology I use in the moves lists. You can also join a mailing list to be notified by email every time this page is updated, and have information about you posted (if you'd like) on my mailing list page for other people to talk VF with you! I have a combo section with combos I've seen or done, and huge lists (CHECK THEM OUT!) sent in by readers! I'm also doing a survey on which video games you prefer out of certain other ones I also have webpages for, which you can find by clicking on the links below. Finally, I have some miscellaneous info on VF-related topics in the news sections. I have links to all of the different sections below, with separate links to click on if you're in the frames or no-frames version of my web world! The Akira picture and the animation were both created (and owned, copyright) by me! Please ask if you want to put them on your page. I have a guestbook from GuestWorld (previously called LPage) for you to drop comments in (even if you don't have email!); you can sign it or view it from the links at the bottom of my page. You can also take my survey (see survey section and/or link) this way. Another way to contact me is by emailing me at or Happy VFing!

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Newest Update & Notes
updated Tuesday, October 20, 1998: Finally some more VF stuff! Another person joined my mailing list. Welcome, Mike Bishop! There has been another vote in the survey but it's not for VF! Also, Sega officially announced that Virtua Fighter 3tb is coming to Dreamcast! Wahoo! They even released screenshots of it! Go to my Dreamcast Page to check it out! It seems that since this announcement, there has been a boom of VF activity on the web!

This is a picture of my favorite Virtua Fighter character, Akira Yuki, drawn by me!!!

Virtua Fighter 3 Akira Player Virtua Fighter 3 Kage Player
Virtua Fighter 3 Pai Player Virtua Fighter 3 Sarah Player
A list of all of the terminology I use in the moves lists.
Frames KeyNo-Frames Key
Links to character info for everyone (complete moves lists for Akira, Kage, and Jacky).
Frames CharactersNo-Frames Characters
Links to many other VF pages. If you know a link that's not there, please email me.
Frames LinksNo-Frames Links
Updates and notes from before the previous month.
Frames Old NotesNo-Frames Old Notes
List of VF players names, URLs, email addresses, etc. to receive info about my page and VF news
Frames Mailing ListNo-Frames Mailing List
List of miscellaneous combos for different characters--would like submissions of combos!
Frames CombosNo-Frames Combos
Events/rumors that are circulating around the VF community.
Frames NewsNo-Frames News
List of people who play VF3 @ the only Iowa VF3 machine, who they play as, etc.
Frames ICVF3No-Frames ICVF3
Random stuff about VF3 and thoughts for VF4--readers welcome to submit.
Frames VF MiscNo-Frames VF Misc

New Stuff & Notes from earlier this month
updated Tuesday, September 1, 1998: I can't believe how little I've been updating lately. It seems all the VF sites are at a standstill...that and I'm really busy. And everyone's attention is concentrated on the upcoming Dreamcast. Sega's finally released shots of Sonic Adventure for that...and it's awesome! Go to my Dreamcast Page to find out more. I have tons of info and screen shots. In the mean time, I have a few updates for VF. Some of you who've been here probably already noticed I have a banner for my site, finally. I drew the little flaming PyroGuy icon, btw. I've added another, to the VF Links section. And I've added info on some rumors of possibly another version of VF3 in the VF news section. I'm sad cuz my local arcade hasn't had VF3 for a while...supposedly they were getting a new part but I don't think they really will. Can't wait till Dreamcast.


I am conducting a survey to see which games my readers like better: the Virtua Fighter, Tekken, or Killer Instinct series. E-mail me your favorite game, or sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page, and tell me in your guestbook signing! This way you don't have to have email to take my survey! If your favorite game is a certain number in the series, specify it, and tell me your reasons. I'll be posting the reasons at my Survey Results Page, too, so if you don't want me to post your name and/or reasons and/or E-mail address, let me know in your E-mail or guestbook signings. Your guestbook signing can be private if you don't want anyone else to see what you say.

Also, I'm doing a survey in my VF, TK, and KI section, just about characters. Tell me who your favorite VF character is! I'll be posting the results of that survey on my VF and survey results page, along with the TK and KI favorite characters on the TK and KI pages!

Sign or view my guestbook below, or take my video game survey!

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Credits/Legal Stuff
Virtua Fighter and all related characters/merchandice/whatever are all copyright 1993(I think)-1998 Sega. The VF3 icon on this page, the image links from the character page, and the character pictures for their biodata tables in the individual character sections are from Sega of Japan's AM2 Site. The VF1 and VF2 images on the character pages, and their stages, are from Hardcore Virtua Fighter 3. The Akira image and animation, and the logo for this page, are owned and copyright me (Jarien Sky/PyroGuy). The Kage link is a Kage FAQ by DreamMaster. There, are we all happy? Please don't sue me.

If you have any questions or comments, please Email me at: or

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