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Tuesday, October 20, 1998: For the first time in several months, another vote! This time it's for Tekken...only the second one!

Game# of Votes% of Votes
Virtua Fighter
Killer Instinct
Total Votes


"[VF3] has superb control and gameplay, and it's really fun. ...KI2 is awesome, with cool sound, graphics, and frame animation..."--DreamMaster

"...but VF3 just blows everything else away. The graphics are superb, the gameplay is phenomonal, and just the games overall design makes it a lot of fun to play, especially against human opponents. ...TK3 and KI2 have little room to explore."--James (KJ).

"Now Virtua Fighter 3 continues to add ever more impressive ideas. ...Now levels have things such as steps, and steep hills to make gameplay more complex.'s hard to tell the characters from real humans!"--Ukyo

"As for KI I think the tactics are too one-dimensional and it relies too much on canned combos and not enough on true strategy, tactics, and creativity."--Tom Cheng

[Of VF3] "The advanced gameplay, depth and replayability, strategy, innovation, graphics and sound effects are without equal."--Andrew Haston

"I like VF2 over any other game.... (Havent played 3)...[VF2] is more realisitc...and the graphics are very good." --James Osborne

"I choose VF3 because the graphics is mind blowing and fighting style is very realistic. Pure martial arts. And to top it all, it's a thinking game." --Eric John Cruz (Lau Kid)
"One thing about VF is that there's always something new to learn. By not having too many canned combos, you have to be creative in your offense and I believe that's what sets VF apart from the rest." --Michael Tham
"Not only is the execution of the [VF] moves razor-sharp, the applications of moves are boundless, unlike in Tekken where you probably only have 3 or 4 total strategies which can be applied to any character you use. In VF, every character has their own feel. Not only that, because of the opponent and surrounding changes new strategies must be employed. I also love the whole create a combo feel. I'm amazed that after 2 years people are still just discovering combos!" --Brian Giles (Grand Emporer El Dragon the Seventh)
"I think that Virtua Fighter 3 is a whole lot better than Killer Instinct and Tekken 3 because I do not know why but I just like it and I think Sega can make better games than Namco." --Zachary Grimes (Weggro5)

Have you taken my survey? Here's how. Tell me which video games you like better--the Virtua Figther, Tekken, or Killer Instinct series. Also specify which number of the series you like best, if you like a certain one (i.e. VF2). And tell my your reasons for liking the games you do. You can take the survey two ways: by emailing me or by signing my guestbook, which I have a link to at the bottom of the page. I will be posting the names, E-mail addresses, and reasons people have on this page, along with a table of which series is in the lead so far. If you don't want me to post your name, E-mail, or reasons, just anonymous results in the table, tell me in your E-mail, otherwise I probably will post the info. I'm also conducting three mini surveys; I'd also like E-mail or guestbook signings on my readers' favorite characters in each series. I won't be posting reasons for these--just a table on each of those pages for character liking!

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