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Welcome to PyroGuy's Vast Virtua Fighter. In this section of the Sega Sanctuary, you will find much information about Sega's hit fighting game Virtua Fighter, mostly about the third installment. Click on one of the above links to go to the desired section.

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updated Friday, March 19, 1999
Welcome to the new incarnation of my Virtua Fighter page. Since I had some broken images/links and the page was starting to look sloppy, I decided to totally redesign my Virtua Fighter page, and this is what it ended up as. It's part of my new Sega Sanctuary, which also contains Dreamcast information. I re-organized these pages as such since I have a lot more content/interest in these Sega games/systems than my other video games pages. I will start updating this page again, probably with information about VF3tb on the Dreamcast. I may post a review, by me (but I've only played in once) or someone else. Most likely I'll update more frequently once I buy a Dreamcast. In the meantine, thanks for coming to my page. Look around, and be expecting a lot more, getting a lot better!

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